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Understanding question

I've seen many questions in this forum about gapless MP3 and why it is not possible for internal technical reasons. I could understand these reasons but now I'm not so sure about that.

My doubts came up as I was using winamp. In winamp I can skip to every posission inside a track and winamp starts playing that song immediately at the desired position e.g. at the time "4:34". So I was asking myself: What is the difference of the audio stream at time "4:34" and "0:00" (of two linked live-tracks).  There must be accoustic ancors around "4:34" where winamp can start its decoding, because winamp does not scan the track since "0:00" (I would notice that), so why aren't these ancors at "0:00" (or why aren't these ancors initialized with the stuff they need of the track before)?

Understanding question

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well, pretty much every mp3 has some added silence just because that's the way mp3 is. However, lame's --nogap support kind of works around that and seems to work fairly well, but that's just a hack around mp3's limits IIRC.