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FLAC support update

Thanks to the foobar2000 developers for the cool program.

It has built-in FLAC support, both decoding and an encoder preset. However, there are some changes that may improve user experience.

Decoder now offers:
- much better file corruption recovery
- improved decoding speed
- support for new (future) compression features

Encoder also includes enhancements:
--ignore-chunk-sizes to resolve the "lots of seekpoints" problem
--channel-map=none for compatibility with multichannel WAVEFORMATEX audio

so the updated parameters string might look like this:
"-s -5 --ignore-chunk-sizes --channel-map=none - -o %d"

FLAC 1.2.1 support is already in the internal 0.9.5 builds so it's only a matter of getting 0.9.5 out the door.

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