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Re: Album Art Downloader XUI

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I tried uninstalling dotnet 4.7.2 and installing 3.5 SP1, no luck, same problem.

I tried something else: i've deleted inside the script the TLS part:

Code: [Select]
class Discogs(AlbumArtDownloader.Scripts.IScript):

Name as string:
get: return "Discogs"
Now the source appears. But no results when i look for Nirvana/Nevermind or other classics that should find lots of images. Same thing reinstalling dotnet 4.7.2.

The listSources command is now fine:
Code: [Select]
PS D:\TEMP\AlbumArtDownloader> .\aad.exe /listSources
Album Art Downloader XUI Command Line Interface version

Name       Ver     Author
Discogs    0.19    Alex Vallat

PS D:\TEMP\AlbumArtDownloader>

Re: Album Art Downloader XUI

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OK, that's useful information. There's something with your setup that doesn't like setting System.Net.ServicePointManager.SecurityProtocol, but I don't know why. The reason it doesn't find any results if you remove it is the Discogs requires TLS 1.1 or above to connect.

You could try specifying the protocol in an app.config file instead, try adding the attached file next to AlbumArt.exe and see if that works (leaving your doctored discogs script without the TLS bits.

Unfortunately I suspect that if there's a problem with setting the TLS version through code it would also fail to set using a config file, but I guess it's worth a try.

Re: Album Art Downloader XUI

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I've put the file into the main folder, no results.

How can i check the TLS protocol is correctly configured in my setup? Maybe via registry? In IE i got this:

It's in french but you can see TLS 1.2 is ok.

I suppose there isn't any other script using TLS ?

Re: Album Art Downloader XUI

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No, I don't think any other source requires specific versions of TLS. Your settings are for IE, I don't think they apply to .net. You can check what happens if you use PowerShell to run:
Code: [Select]
[System.Net.ServicePointManager]::SecurityProtocol = [System.Net.SecurityProtocolType]::Tls12

If it gives some sort of error message it might indicate what the problem with setting it is, I suppose.

Re: Album Art Downloader XUI

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It does nothing:

Code: [Select]
PS C:\Users\a981252_a> [System.Net.ServicePointManager]::SecurityProtocol = [System.Net.SecurityProtocolType]::Tls12
PS C:\Users\a981252_a>

Ok, that's enough lost of time for you for a one guy problem. I'll do without Discogs! Thanks a lot for trying  :)

Re: Album Art Downloader XUI

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Yeah, sorry about that, I'm pretty much out of ideas now too. I hope one of the other sources can give you the results you need.

Re: Album Art Downloader XUI

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Any chance of a ebay script for this?, i often find art on ebay
I find very good artwork in ebay too. So I agree with xbon:  Any chance of a ebay script for this?

Re: Album Art Downloader XUI

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I find very good artwork in ebay too. So I agree with xbon:  Any chance of a ebay script for this?
Please give this script a try, and let me know if it works well for you:

I've set it to search "Brand New CDs" only, as that seemed more likely to return cover art rather than photos of jewel cases.


Re: Album Art Downloader XUI

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I have just started to use this program and I like it. I have a feature suggestion that I think would be useful: A way to see if the jpeg's are baseline or progressive.

I've had problems with progressive jpeg's on some players, but baseline always works. So I'd like to download only the baseline type. With my own scans I always save as baseline, but when downloading album art I can't find an easy way to distinguish between the encoding types.

I'm no expert of the jpeg format, but here's my saving/format options in Photoshop:

Baseline ("Standard")
Baseline Optimized

Written exactly like that. There's also a quality setting from 0 to 12, but that has never caused any problems.

I always save my own scans as Baseline ("Standard"), as this seems to be the most basic format and most widely supported by players, and I've never had a problem with this format. The sometimes unsupported format seems to be "progressive", and my impression from various support forums is that this is not an unusual problem.

I've also taken a glimpse here: and there seem to be "baseline sequential" and "baseline progressive" encoding, but this is beyond my understanding. But my guessing is that anything "progressive" is a format that some players don't support.

So, what do you think? Could a feature showing the encoding type be implemented in the program? Or maybe an option to show only the baseline type?

Re: Album Art Downloader XUI

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Thanks for your suggestion. It would not be possible to determine the encoding used without first downloading the full-sized image, so I don't think this is something I will add to Album Art Downloader. It sounds like what you really need is a batch image converter (like XnConvert or similar), to convert all progressive-encoded JPEGs to baseline-encoded JPEGs.

Re: Album Art Downloader XUI

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I did believe that the encoding type was written in the metadata, so it could be prefetched just like pixel dimension and file size. If that's not the case, and you'd have to decode the whole file, it would be more difficult of course.

Maybe it could be a user request, i.e. when you have decided for a suitable cover candidate, you right-click on it to request a full download for analysis of the encoding type?

Just a thought, but maybe there's too much work involved to implement this idea.

Re: Album Art Downloader XUI

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I did believe that the encoding type was written in the metadata
Just to avoid any confusion:  "Header" is what I meant, not metadata.

(But maybe a header could be considered a kind of metadata;  I'm not entirely sure of the correct terminology)

Re: Album Art Downloader XUI

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It would be data inside the JPEG file, in any case. Not in the HTTP Header, if that's what you were thinking. Doesn't really matter where inside it is, the file would still need to be downloaded. Analysing and converting image formats is out of scope for AAD, as I mentioned before, the right software for doing that is batch image conversion.

Re: Album Art Downloader XUI

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Initially I was thinking that it's possible to preview only the header of the jpeg file - before downloading the whole file - and that AAD takes the pixel dimension and file size from there. That assumption led me to believe that the encoding type could be prefetched the same way.

Now I realize that AAD probably fetches the pixel & size info from the HTTP code. Is this the case?

Re: Album Art Downloader XUI

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For some sources, the size information is available from the search results - either because it always provides a fixed size, or because the size is listed somewhere in the results page. Where it isn't available, it will just list it as unknown until the image is actually downloaded.

Re: Album Art Downloader XUI

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I get the picture now, so to speak. Thanks for your support  :)

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