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Audiograbber repackaged

I've made a new package of Audiograbber for those still interested in this very old ripper. It extends funtionality with secure Test & Copy mode, and does automatic album art download via Alex Vallat/Marc Landis' AlbumArtDownloader v0.5 (.NET 2.0) + updated boo scripts.  Lame_enc.dll and neroAacEnc.exe must be downloaded separately.

  • Test and Copy mode for secure ripping.
  • Integrated automatic album art download to destination directory when ripping start, via  AlbumArtDownloader (Must be installed separately).
  • Predefined configuration for encoding to FLAC and M4A (AAC), via DOS batch script.
  • Automatic embedding of album art for FLAC, MP3, and M4A files.
  • Automatic ReplayGain (RG, track+album) scanning for FLAC, OGG, MP3, and M4A files.
  • Optional automatic normalization by applying RG album gain on MP3 and M4A files
  • Better default settings for Audiograbber.
  • Bundled updated FLAC and OGG Vorbis encoders and tools.

Audiograbber repackaged

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Hi tycho. I've been getting your repackaged AG up on a Vista laptop.  AG transparently puts audiograbber.ini and discs.txt in C:\Users\Gene\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\Audiograbber. This is where they need to go with User Access Control turned on in Vista because AG can't write to C:\Program Files\audiograbber unless you run it elevated to administrator.

Agtray however, tries to work in C:\Program Files\audiograbber and never gets it's .ini file initialized unless you run it once as Administrator. Then you can edit the agtray.ini file as needed. Fixing the .ini file issue would be nice for Vista users, but running once as administrator is not a big deal. If agtray updates agtray.ini frequently, fixing this issue is more important.

Once I got agtray.ini initialized, I saw the CommandWindowMinimized=1 line and did a happy dance. Fairly frequently, the Test pass finishes but the Copy pass doesn't start.  The bubble popped up telling me that Test and Copy was starting, so I'm certain I didn't start AG instead of agtray. Also, I started T&C ripping one track at a time to see what happens, and it's a random problem.

So a more important fix would be to  optionally leave the command window open AFTER the batch file runs so I can see why the copy pass didn't start. This could be useful if I see problems with getting album art or the replay gain pass as well. When it works, it's great. I'm not using album art yet, but the test & copy works when it manages to start the copy pass. Replay gain works too, I see the gain adjustments in Winamp after a rip.


Audiograbber repackaged

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@ Tycho: I'm wandering how I can review the results of ripping...
I mean where I can see whether the test and then copy ripping checksums match? 

For those who are not familiar with this modified AG look here.
Sorry for my poor English, I'm trying to get better... ;)
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Audiograbber repackaged

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This is a great repackage. I have found audiograbber works better than CDex. At least for me. I use it when I can't get a decent rip from EAC due to scratches etc.


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