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Handy Cue-To-Apl converter


As the foo_cue_ex is no longer compatible with the new SDK and I don't think it is worth the effort to make it be so, here is my solution for those who have tons of cue sheets whith tags which new foobar2000 is unable to recognise.

Handy Cue-to-Apl Convertor generates APL files form cue sheets. It will scan cue sheet and create APL file for every track it finds.
Created APL files will contain APEv2 tags with original metadata and foobar2000 will be able to read/write them just fine.

  • Make sure you specify the correct encoding (code page / charset) before processing cue sheets.
    For Windows users this should be set to the same setting as in:
    'Control Panel->Regional And Language Options->Advnaced (Administrative)->Default language for non-unicode programs'
    A list of Windows code pages can be found here (wiki)
The program has been tested on Vista and all of my cuesheets (200+).


2 versions are available (JRE 6 required, GUI only):Enjoy!
B KaCKe.

Handy Cue-To-Apl converter

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Thanks WigBam - this could prove useful for me.

Handy Cue-To-Apl converter

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Great work, thanks!

Handy Cue-To-Apl converter

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Im still using it. Thanks!

Re: Handy Cue-To-Apl converter

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Can someone to reupload converter?