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standards for libvorbis.dll ?
here's the idea: make LAME-like standard for libvorbis dll so when new libvorbis comes out, we don't have to rebuild all windows vorbis encoders/decoders; you just download new libvorbis.dll and copy it around (or simply put in windows/system dir), then all installed vorbis software uses it. also, that would make testing much easier (just compile to windows/system, then use cool edit....)
latest versions of cool edit filter and encoder plugin for Winamp already do that (libvorbis.dll is plain libvorbis/libogg rc3 with all API functions exported); unfortunately API specs still tend to change between libvorbis versions (so new dll wont work with old software and vice versa).
any thoughts ? maybe we could make some changes in libvorbis API interface for better cross-version compatibility ?