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AC3 ReplayGain scanner?
Hi all!

I have been reading a lot on this forum, but for this problem I think I'll need some help of you guys

I've been looking for a CLI ReplayGain scanner, which can handle the AC3 files.
What do I need this for? Well i'm muxing some DVD's into mkv containers, but in my opinion the sound level of the dvd is way to low (though Dolby specifies a volume 83dB SPL normalization). And as the mkv-container supports replaygain tags, I was looking for a ReplayGain scanner to include the results in my mkv tags.
Problem is, I don't find any ReplayGain scanner for AC3 (I am not recompressing the audio nor the video)...

[ In fact I don't understand why all CLI ReplayGain scanners are specificly made for one format (mp3gain, etc), and are not relying on the decoders installed on the user's system ... ]

Thanks in advance,