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AoTuv killer sample?

I use Aotuv for quite sometime. It's very good quality. 

But does it don't have any flaw at all? Because another "good" codec have some flaw in some killer sample even at high bitrate. and it's easy to abx. like stereo problem with iTune AAC sample. (easy ABX at 320 kbps) and i heard someone mentioned LAME killer sample that can ABX at high bitrate too.

But i never heard anyone mentioned one such sample with aotuv yet. I already search a bit. but what i found is killer sample for old vorbis version. not lastest aotuv one. and i find some aotuv killer sample at "low" bitrate. not high bitrate like say.. q.6 that i looking for.

This is just for testing only. off course.

So someone ever find such sample? does it have one?

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AoTuv killer sample?
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Badvilbel very easy at Q6, Some artificial sample I posted a week ago is not clean until Q8 [pre -echo hard to abx]. Aotuv and also Nero AAC are very good. Even the worse cases should be ok at 200~250k. If not I think its some bug. They have much less time resolution problems than mp3 so abxable samples at 320k will be extremely rare. Personaly, I don't think 320k is required at all with AoTuv , AAC and even mp3.
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wavpack 4.8 -b4x4s0.75c

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AoTuv killer sample?
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OK, I tried Badvibel. and yes it's abx easy at q.6

But the sample are too "artificial".

is there any "Music" like sample that aotuv is not good at?

Normally i just use q.4 sometime q.6 with very good resault. I just asked this out of curiosity. I just want to know that if there any "music" that aotuv is bad at and easily abx at pretty high bitrate. how will it sound like.


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AoTuv killer sample?
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I don't think any normal stuff is affected at Q > 5 - at least it won't be easy I think. Pre echo could still be an issue for vorbis - more than mpc / aac but better than mp3. So @ 320k there shouldn't be problems for AAC / Vorbis / MPC etc other than rare bugs. Even with mp3 besides those pre echo cases, nearly everything is damn good at 190k vbr. Even in rare case when psymodel fails , ABR of 220~260k will reduce or even resolve the problem except bad preecho cases.

But if you are looking for problems day and night you will get lucky one day. Someone , somewhere will always find some problem.
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wavpack 4.8 -b4x4s0.75c

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AoTuv killer sample?
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kraftwerk (beginning of Die Roboter/The Robots)

Lancer 20061103/aoTuV b5 q6:
Code: [Select]
foo_abx 1.3.1 report
foobar2000 v0.9.4.3
2007/07/24 19:26:40

File A: H:\Musik\CDs\Kraftwerk\Die Mensch-Maschine\Kraftwerk - 01 - Die Roboter.tak
File B: C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\[snip]\Kraftwerk - 01 - Die Roboter.ogg

19:26:40 : Test started.
19:29:15 : 01/01  50.0%
19:29:25 : 02/02  25.0%
19:29:36 : 03/03  12.5%
19:29:49 : 04/04  6.3%
19:30:04 : 05/05  3.1%
19:30:15 : 06/06  1.6%
19:30:25 : 07/07  0.8%
19:30:32 : 08/08  0.4%
19:30:42 : 09/09  0.2%
19:31:02 : 10/10  0.1%
19:31:10 : 11/11  0.0%
19:31:15 : 12/12  0.0%
19:31:25 : 13/13  0.0%
19:31:32 : 14/14  0.0%
19:31:49 : 15/15  0.0%
19:31:59 : 16/16  0.0%
19:32:05 : Test finished.

Total: 16/16 (0.0%)
(used the full track instead of digging for the sample)

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AoTuv killer sample?
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Bad Vilbel is not some synthetic sample designed to kill codecs. It's a sample of a commercial track by Autechre. Electronic music is very good at providing audio that is difficult to compress.

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AoTuv killer sample?
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... Electronic music is very good at providing audio that is difficult to compress. ...

Right, but that's the reason why lovers of non-electronic music luckily can consider such samples of restricted relevance for them.
lame3995o -Q1.7
opus --bitrate 140

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AoTuv killer sample?
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If a codec fails catastrophically and noticably on a problem sample, it's possible that it will fail less but maybe perceptibly on a sample that you enjoy more. Problem samples are nice because most people can hear the distortion introduced. However, from what I've seen here on HA, sometimes people can hear distortions on their favourite tracks that no one else can pick up. Problem samples are always relevant for people sufficiently concerned about audio quality.