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airTunes snafu...can foobar and Airfoil solve this?
I love foobar2000 and use it daily to play tunes on my laptop.

Recently I purchased an Apple Airport Express. in part to allow me to stream music from my laptop to my stereo. Of course, after using foobar2000 I hate the thought of having to use the bloated monstrosity otherwise known as iTunes so I'm looking for a way to send my music to airTunes without iTunes.

I first looked at oAEP but I want to only send the foobar2000 output to airTunes and oAEP will not allow that.

Then I found a very nice product called Airfoil (by Rogue Amoeba) which does exactly what I need if I play my music from Winamp, WMP etc. but it does not work correctly with foobar2000.

I contacted Rogue Amoeba about this issue and received the following reply.

Unfortunately, the issue here lies with Foobar2000 itself, and how it outputs audio. We've repeatedly attempted to contact the developers, with no success. As such, we have no fix currently, nor any planned, until we can get in touch with them. Sorry!


This is unfortunate. The foobar2000 developers seem like nice people and Paul from Rogue Amoeba also seems nice. Would it be possible for all these nice folks to swap some emails and get to work on resolving this issue?

If this is posted to the wrong area I will be happy to repost if someone lets me know where it should be sent.

Best Regards,


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airTunes snafu...can foobar and Airfoil solve this?
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Paul might have better luck if he posted to the FB2K Development board here.  However, I doubt he'll get far; no one has seemed eager to get FB2K to talk directly to the AE.  The best I've been able to hack together is FB2K -> Oddcast -> Icecast -> Winamp -> Remote Speakers Output -> AE.  I would love an AirTunes DSP or output plugin for FB2K, and have even offered to pay for one.  I've lamented about getting non-iTunes-audio to my airport several times over the years.
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airTunes snafu...can foobar and Airfoil solve this?
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Thank you!
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