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Do you want 2 managing bitrates feature like other formats?

  • Yes.
    1 (5%)
  • No.
    11 (55%)
  • I dont care.
    8 (40%)

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  • Jimpin
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Managing Bitrates
I use Adobe Audition MPC filter.
But i cant manage bitrates like Ogg Vorbis, MP3, AAC & other.
For example, i want 2 manage bitrates 2 128kb.
But is so hard 2 managing bitrates 2 128kb.
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  • Sunhillow
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Managing Bitrates
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I do not understand what you want to say with "manage bitrates" 

Do you mean you want to encode MPC in 128 kBit/s CBR? This is not the bitrate MPC is made for, also MPC is not made for CBR (= not constant audio quality)

  • Jimpin
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Managing Bitrates
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No, i mean just 128kb.

  • xmixahlx
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Managing Bitrates
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yeah i don't get it either... ?

musepack is vbr, so "managing bitrates" means change the quality scale.

--radio (--quality 4) would be "managed 128kbps"


  • GeSomeone
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Managing Bitrates
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The correct answer is NO.
You must use another codec (like mp3 or wma) for Constant Bit Rate.

(and I hate the Br33zah spelling)
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