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Panels UI: A few odd questions
(edited for clarity - in hopes of a response...)

my current setup:

Almost done!  Using panels UI.  But there are a few things though that I am having trouble with.  Does anybody know how I might be able to resolve the following

->  PANELS UI / SCPL questions:
1. single column playlist for beginner?  -  I would like to implement a Single Column Playlist that shows album art and separates albums.  I've seen similar ones on people's configs, but I can't seem to get any of them to work on mine.  Is there a beginner's resource or a simple outline setup that I could copy and paste?

2. button in playlist to skip tracks?  -  I don't think that this is possible with columns ui. i am talking about a little button next to track title that when clicked plays the song, when unclicked skips it.  if I have to create another scpl that mimics columns playlist, is that easy?

3. set minimum window size?  - How is this possible?  Awhile ago I had that command to expand and collapse the window, don't remember it, and can't find it anymore.

4. set bottom display to "weeks", "days", "hours", "minutes', "seconds" - you can see what I am talking about in the "status bar" on the screen shot above.  right now it defaults to 'wk, d, xx:xx:xx'.

5. get bottom display to show size of playlist - in gb, mb, kb, etc.

->  Random
6. playcount not working on several playlists?!  - I think i might just have to look at this one myself unless someone else has experienced it.

7.  Lastly, How the F@#$ do I get my rating column to display ratings descending when the header is clicked?!!! (in columns UI)

I'm pretty new to this, please let me know if I can do anything to improve the clarity of these questions.  Any help would really be huge.  Also, is it frowned upon to ask multiple questions like this in a post?  I ask because 80 some-odd people have checked it out so far w/ no responses.  Anyway, I hope somebody might be able to shed some light on even just a few of these issues.

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