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How To TAK

TAK (T)om's lossless (A)udio (K)ompressor[/color][/b][/u]

Here is an information about this excellent encoder + a mini how to.
It works fine such as Monkey audio, Flac or WavPack...
I adress a big Thank you to the developper Thomas Becker.
All you need is underneath if you want to give a try. 


3. Compress, Done and Exit ! :

Note : You can choose your encoding strength in Options tab [default= normal or -p2]:

-Thanks to Thomas Beck ( the developper of TAK, Winamp & XMPlay decoder ) , foosion ( foobar_input_tak ) and Synthetic Soul ( wapet.exe, Guide in the wiki, tests & comparisons )-

How To TAK

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Thanks for your input.  If you are interested in writing guides you should PM Jan and ask to get access to the wiki.

A couple of points:

Code: [Select]
%d -f "cuesheet=%a - %g.cue" "C:\Program Files\Encoders\Takc.exe" -e -pN %s %d
This will fail if your artist or album name contain illegal filename characters.  I realised this after a simple test this morning; I should have picked it up earlier.  I have posted to the TAK(ing) with EAC thread also.

Choose your own encoding strength :
-pN is Normal compression (default, if no -p switch is specified Normal will be used) ;
-p2 or -p4 just happens to be what some others gravitate towards.
[/i]-p2 and -pN are synonymous.  I think your text causes confusion.

On a related note, the fact that TAK can use -pX, where X is 0/T, 1/F, 2/N, 3/H or 4/E, makes writing guides confusing.  I tend to use the alphabetical notation, as I think it is easier to see that -pF is Fast, rather than -p1.  However, it seems to me that most other users are using 0-4 instead.

5- Make sure that the .wav extension is erased. (EAC defaults with .wav for some reason)
Nb : The file name can either be cdimage or CD Artist - CD Title...
[/i]Are you sure that this is necessary?  I've never heard of this before.
Edit: On re-reading I see that there is no mention of the existing EAC guide.  Users can read the wiki guide here.  Ideally, users should really be directed to the wiki for all information.  Perhaps you could get yourself wiki access and make additions to the existing information.  Guides which are controlled by one person, with links to software that may become superceded, is not as ideal as a wiki article that any member can update.
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How To TAK

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Synthetic Soul,
How To Tak is updated (EAC+TAK, the confusion between -p2 and -pN...). 

No, the image above isn't Cin editing, 
it's EAC defaults with .wav for some reason.
(A similar pb happens with WavPack or Flac if i'm not mistaken with a different issue*).
If you let .wav with our command string, there will be no compression..

If you erase .wav just before ripping, all will end well..
*With WavPack, there is a compression,
but you've to rename .wav.wv lossless file...
because .cue points .wv not .wav.wv !

How To TAK

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(a similar pb with WavPack happens if i'm not mistaken*).
If you let .wav with our command string, there will be no compression as shown :
*With WavPack, there is a compression,
but you've to rename .wav.wv lossless file...
because .cue points .wv not .wav.wv !
Ah, of course, you are right.  Following a test of my own I recalled that the latest version of EAC introduced some additional anomolies.  I did a search here for ".wav.wav" and found this relevant thread.

FYI: The .wv issue is because EAC has always had problems with file extensions that are not three characters in length - like .wv, .la or .flac.  I think these recent changes are a result of Andre trying to fix this issue, but unfortunately failing.
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How To TAK

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Dear friends,
Any help for using TAK in Audiograbber will be very useful.
Thank you all

How To TAK

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Warning: I don't use Audiograbber, but believe this will work.  If it does, please report back here - maybe we can add it to the TAK wiki page.

As per EAC you will need to use wapet if you want to tag your files.

On the "MP3 Settings" dialogue:
  • Check the "Send Wavefile to MP3 CODEC" checkbox
  • Check the "Delete wavefile after MP3 is created" checkbox
  • Uncheck the "Use ID3 Tag" checkbox
  • Check the "External MP3 program name" radio button and browse for "wapet.exe"
  • Check the "Own arguments" checkbox and use:
    Code: [Select]
    %d -t "Artist=%1" -t "Title=%4" -t "Album=%2" -t "Year=%6" -t "Track=%3" -t "Genre=%7" "C:\Program Files\TAK\takc.exe" -e -pN %s %d
    NB: Change "C:\Program Files\TAK\takc.exe" to the real path to takc.exe on your PC
  • Check the "Own extension" checkbox and use: tak
If you take a look at the EAC and TAK wiki page it may provide a few clues, if you get stuck.

If you don't want tags (  ) Then browse for "takc.exe" instead of "wapet.exe" in step 4, and use the arguments:

Code: [Select]
-e -pN %s %d

Edit: References:
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How To TAK

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Without wapet, this works well. Downloaded Wapet. Shall try today to rip with tags and shall report.

How To TAK

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Without wapet, this works well. Downloaded Wapet. Shall try today to rip with tags and shall report.
Please do.

@ All

NB: I have tested some new changes to wapet.

I was frustated by the fact that the cuesheet embedding was not viable (due to potential differences caused by non-filename-friendly characters).  I toyed with a few ideas and then realised that I could just use the same functionality that David added to WavPack: wilcard names.

For those of you who aren't familiar with WavPack,  this means that  you could use:

Code: [Select]
-f "Cuesheet=*.cue"

... and wapet will look for a cuesheet in three places, in this order:
  • The current working directory
  • The directory in which wapet resides
  • The directory in which the file to be tagged resides
As you can see, number 3 is most useful in this situation.  The only caveat is that there can only be one file matching the wildcard in the folder, or it won't work.

I need to contact David to clarify the licensing of the WavPack code I have used, but once we have agreed a resolve I will upload the new version.
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How To TAK

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Yes, thanks, I have a copy of the license.

It's more to do with copywrite notices in a shared source file, providing a licence with the binary, and the fact that wapet has no license at the moment.  I'm generally confused.

I just wanted to make David aware really, and to hear his thoughts.  If I understand this post correctly WavPack got it's initial tagging code from wapet, so it all seems a bit karmic.
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How To TAK

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I got the impression the functionality was cloned from scratch, not copied through source code.

I think cloned functionality (if it's simple enough) can be released under any license by the secondary author, so I think David will be safe if my hunch is correct.

How To TAK

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I have just received a response from David, and he confirms your understanding.

NB: I was certainly not meaning to suggest that David had plagiarised wapet's code!  wapet has no license, so however much of the code he may have used (even though it turns out it was none) could not be an issue.

David's response is typically helpful and inspiring, and he also points out that the main purpose of freeware is to ensure that developers are not wasting time re-inventing the wheel.
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How To TAK

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Yeah, I was a little confused when I wrote my posts.. I didn't understand the situation fully.

Code with no license (if you want to be really picky) could be covered by the Berne convention: fully copyrighted.

How To TAK

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OK, for those of you interested, you can test wapet 0.6.
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How To TAK

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far from it! wiki guide is more complete. 
This accessible step-by-step is intended for novices only..
i'll call it the easiest n quickest way to encode in .tak.
I hope it has been useful to you pepoluan
See you.

How To TAK

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aeroman: Ah, okay. But we can always make a new article, e.g. "Simple TAK How-To"

I wish to make one, but I am not (yet) into TAK-encoding. So I don't dare to do it (yet).

How To TAK

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Here is [a href="$nfKoDpRtgg7sxwumffZ6q9jVF8RsBaKW/9c3jptCwX0mEqk-j-XHk0A/How%20to%20Tak.txt" target="_blank"][/a] the text of mini How_to_Tak if you need it, pepoluan
Modify it as you want then copy & paste wherever you want.
(you just have to update the links from time to time) :

How To TAK

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Just wondered what avantages TAK bears over other lossless audio formats?
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How To TAK

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Just wondered what avantages TAK bears over other lossless audio formats?

Please see the HA wiki comparing lossless formats and the HA Wiki page on TAK

How To TAK

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I have no idea why this doesn't work with me. It worked on another windows installation the same way.

TAK 1.02/Wapet 0.6 location: C:\Programme\Audio\tak\

EAC command line:
Code: [Select]
%d -f "cuesheet=%a - %g.cue" "C:\Programme\Audio\tak\Takc.exe" -e -pN %s %d

The does box just comes up for a millisecond and disappears.[/s]

EDIT: OK, I've seen this is something about cuesheets, the commandline "%d -t "Artist=%a" -t "Title=%t" -t "Album=%g" -t "Year=%y" -t "Track=%n" -t "Genre=%m" "C:\Programme\audio\TAK\takc.exe" -e -pN %s %d" works...

BTW. Please make this thread sticky!

How To TAK

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Yes, we should read more carefully EAC and TAK guide by Synthetic Soul
All should work fine now..
Good luck. 

How To TAK

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Hi everyone. I'm trying to setup TAK with foobar2000's converter using this page in the wiki. I'm confused though whether to follow this commandline "-e -p4 -ihs - %d" or the one in the screenshot.

How To TAK

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The screenshot uses a temporary input file that tak shouldn't need anymore as it's capable of pipe-encoding IIRC. I don't know what -ihs does, though, as I never used TAK.