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Critique my Foobar2000 and PatchMixDSP settings please :)
Hi guys

Well I just got my E-MU 1616M laptop card today and have just downloaded Foobar2000 for the first time. I want to get true ASIO sound but know almost nothing about how to go about doing it. But, I have read some things and after a few minutes have experimented with both the PatchmixDSP and Foobar2000 software. I would like you to critique my setup for Foobar2000 and PatchMixDSP software to see if I am doing this right. I THINK I got ASIO now but I'm not sure.

My setup is as follows:

Using a 1616M with PatchmixDSP software. Running a set of Sony 7506 cans directly from the card's headphone/line-out jack.

FOOBAR2000 settings is as follows:

Playback-->DSP Manager-->

Equalizer(all parameters are flat at the moment)

Resampler(PPHS) Target sample rate = 44100Hz UltraMode box is ticked(should I use this or not?). Please tell me what I should change here.

Advance Limiter

Winamp DSP Bridge using the DFX Plugin - I gotta say this is FANASTIC!!



Output Device: E-MU ASIO, Buffer length 1000ms, Dither box ticked.

ASIO Virtual Devices: E-MU ASIO

In the virtual device editior under "Channel Map" I have it set as follows:

AUX1          32Bit          Left
AUX1          32Bit          Right
AUX2          32Bit          Left
AUX2          32Bit          Right

Back to the PatchmixDSP the GUI, in the four little insert channel boxes, I have them set to "Insert Send(Output to ASIO/WAVE or Physical Out)" Is this the correct setting to get the EMU1616M to deliver ASIO out? There is also "Insert Direct Monitor"....but I get NO sound whatsoever when selecting this option.

Please tell me what I should change as far as Foobar is concerned. Should I increase the target sample rate in the PPHS Resampler to 96Hz? Should I even use the PPHS resampler at all? Or swap it out for the SSRC resampler plugin?

I have NO idea if the settings above means I am currently getting true ASIO output directly from my E-MU1616M or so please tell me if I am and if there's a better setting out there than this. I really want to maximize this software along with Foobar2000. I *think* I'm hearing ASIO because the music  sounds OUT OF THIS WORLD! And DFX just makes it sparkle that much more!

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Critique my Foobar2000 and PatchMixDSP settings please :)
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I *think* I'm hearing ASIO because the music sounds OUT OF THIS WORLD!

OH god.
You should really read up on the options you select. For example resampling to 44100Hz isn't gona do you any good.