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Panels UI/Columns UI
I have seen what panels ui can do in the various config threads and I am very impressed.  I have tried to switch to foobar several times and have gained minimal knowledge of columns ui.  I really like the interface of columns ui and have grown comfortable with it (first with iTunes then Foobar).  However, I also want to have more options with customizability and because of this I am wanting to try panels ui.  I have not seen any examples of panels ui with a columns ui playlist interface but I have heard it is possible.  What I want to know is if it is possible, how can it be done?  Any help would be great (a link to a post, wiki article, etc).


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Panels UI/Columns UI
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Just to use a little more clear terminology: you are wanting to use PanelsUI (user interface) with the Columns' Playlist View.

It is certainly do-able.
To do so, you select PanelsUI as the interface, and use a $panel() command to generate the Columns Playlist view, as you would with any panel.

I will warn you that because PanelsUI is entirely code based it take much more work to generate a layout.
If you're ready to take the dive, you can start by reading the PanelsUI wiki article, and you might want to start by modding the simple, default.pui that Terrestrial created.
I would advise against trying to use someone else' .pui to learn from.
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Panels UI/Columns UI
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I myself have the columns playlist in Panel ui.
shakey_snake is right.I think you should first understand how to use the trackinfo_mod. At least for me it was much easier to understand panel ui by have good knowledge of trackinfo_mod.