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Need help with SingleColumns Playlist code
Appologies if this is the wrong forum for questions like this. I've been having some trouble getting my playlist looking how I want it.

This is my current code for Item Display:
Code: [Select]
$font(Frutiger Linotype,8,,170-170-170)
$if($meta_test(album artist),' by '%artist%)
Now obviously that will display all playlist items the same, regardless if they are selected or playing etc.

What I'm trying to to is have a black font for selected items, 92-140-152 for the playing items, and also to display %_time_elapsed% / %length% when an item is playing. Previously the config I was using had coloured rectangles drawn when selected/playing (using $if(%_playing%. $if(%_selected$, etc.), but now the rects & images etc. have been taken out, I'm having trouble getting it working. I've had it displaying nothing, displaying the selected/playing colours over the standard colour etc. etc. etc.

I've also got a small problem with my TrackInfoMod code. It's still displaying the codec/last played info when nothing is playing. I can't see what's causing it, unless there's a syntax error in there somewhere .
Code: [Select]
$drawrect(0,0,0,0,brushcolor-50-50-50 pencolor-null)
$font(Frutiger Linotype,14,glow-0-0-0 glowalpha-10,92-140-152)[%artist%]
$font(Frutiger Linotype,14,glow-0-0-0 glowalpha-10,170-170-170)[%title%]

$font(Frutiger Linotype,9,glow-0-0-0 glowalpha-10,170-170-170)
$alignabs($add(%_width%,-175),$sub(%_height%,49),170,20,right,top)$if(%last_played%,$puts(diff,$cwb_datediff(%last_played%,%cwb_systemdate%)) last played$ifgreater(1,$get(diff), today, $ifgreater(2,$get(diff), yesterday,$get(diff) days ago)),never played)
$alignabs($add(%_width%,-175),$sub(%_height%,35),170,20,right,top)$div(%samplerate%,1000)'.'$substr($mod(%samplerate%,1000),1,1)KHz %channels%
$alignabs($add(%_width%,-175),$sub(%_height%,20),170,20,right,top)[%codec%] [%bitrate%kbps][  '(' $div($muldiv(100,%_filesize%,1048576),100)'.'$mod($muldiv(100,%_filesize%,1048576),100)MB' )']
$font(Frutiger Linotype,20,glow-0-0-0 glowalpha-10,92-140-152)foobar2000