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Different decoders sound different?
Does this actually happen? The reason I ask is that I can hear a definite difference between Winamp and Foobar and iTunes and Winamp with in_mpg123 (with all dsp plugins disabled etc) - I could abx this but seeing as I'm asking a question as opposed to condemning things (and also have no idea how to ABX between different players) there isn't a point (although I could if people insist).

What I'm asking is - what really is affecting this - surely decoded mp3 should sound like decoded mp3, no matter what does it? Are there different ways of doing this and that this would make it sound different? Am I imagining things?

The difference was less noticeable on my friend's better quality speakers, however (comparing winamp with mpg123 and the default decoder).

Possibly it was to do with maybe something like the channel mixing on each program - but then why would it change within winamp?

It could be placebo, yes, but I'm pretty much impartial to the situation and don't "want" one to sound better.

Thanks, HA

Edit: It appears I was warned for "claiming" this earlier, and so it'd be nice if someone could explain how to blind ABX different players.
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Different decoders sound different?
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You can ABX by using the filewriter output and use a normal ABX software.

Foobar, Winamp and in_mpg123 all produce differences within 1 bit on the few reference files I tried, I would be amazed if you could hear that.

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Different decoders sound different?
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Or, use a capturing software to record the output of all of them.
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Different decoders sound different?
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And, make sure that every plugin in the audio pipeline is disabled (ReplayGain, EQ, Volume Control, Advanced Limiter etc.).
For example, if your files clip (ReplayGain Track Peak > 1) ReplayGain-aware players will automatically adjust their volume.
If the diskwriter outputs are impossible to ABX, but not bit-identical, I wouldn't care too much. It might be just a time offset.

However, my guess is that the output volume (or the output driver model) of your players ain't exaclty the same.

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Different decoders sound different?
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Turn off the EQ