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TAK SDK 1.0.1 released

Software Development Kit for TAK, (T)om's lossless (A)udio (K)ompressor.


The SDK can be downloaded from the upload section: TAK SDK 1.0.1


The SDK is intended to enable other developers to use TAK's technology in their own applications. It consists of a Dynamic Link Library for Microsoft Windows (DLL) as well as header files for Borland Delphi (Pascal) and C. The documentation is available in English and German.

This version is limited to decoding functions. Once it has stood the test of time in practical use, an extended version with encoding functions will follow.

The library is compatible to the TAK versions 1.0 and 1.0.1 (currently not yet released).


- The "English" directory contains the English documentation.
- The "Deutsch" directory contains the German documentation.
- The main file is "Sdk.html", no matter what language. 
- The "DecoLib" directory contains the decoder library "tak_deco_lib.dll" as well as header files for Delphi (Pascal) and C.

Thanks to...

Many thanks for the energetic collaboration go to

- Holger Stenger, who tested parts of the library, created a *.lib and gave good advice for interface improvements, and to
- Thomas Weiler (alias Silversight at, who fortunately took pleasure in translating my often "longish" wording from German to English, and to
- Wieslaw Soltes (alias wisodev at, who very quickly wrote the first file decoding application based upon the SDK to verify it's function.

TAK SDK 1.0.1 released

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Great news Thomas.

Probably worth noting, before the question gets asked:

A foobar2000 plugin based on tak_deco_lib is fully working and passes all test of the foobar2000 decoder verifier (included in the foobar2000 SDK). It currently still uses the APE tag routines from foobar2000 instead of the ones provided in the TAK SDK (I haven't had time to port this yet). Beta release planned soon.
Original post here.
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TAK SDK 1.0.1 released

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Excellent! Hopefully we'll see this codec really starting to take off from here!

TAK SDK 1.0.1 released

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Hello Thomas,

I'd like to support TAK in ATL (Audio Tools Library, a Delphi library to access all sorts of information and tags from audio files [but since you're also into Delphi, you'll probably know this...  ]). What I need to do this is some documentation about TAK's format / header to access these things (like sample rate, bitrate, duration, etc.) w/o having to use the DLL you supplied.

Are there any plans to release an 'official' documentation in the near future or is there a chance to get a limited pre-release?

Anyway, thanks for all your excellent work. I've been following TAK's development since April 1st 2006 and I'm very impressed about the progress of this codec. Thumbs up!