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album/artist boxes on SCPL

how can i get those boxes to appear on my SCPL containing the album and artist name, (with the tracks of the corresponding album listed below)

this is my code:

for group display:
Code: [Select]
$drawrect(0,0,0,%_height%,brushcolor-100-100-100 pencolor-100-100-100)


and item display:
Code: [Select]
$if(%_selected%,$drawrect(0,0,0,0,brushcolor-SYSCOL-13 pencolor-null))
$if(%_focused%,$drawrect(0,0,0,0,brushcolor-null pencolor-SYSCOL-6))

$drawrect(0,0,%_width%,1,brushcolor-null pencolor-SYSCOL-6)


and this is how it looks:


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album/artist boxes on SCPL
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this is what i mean when i say 'album/artist boxes'...

... i.e. those blue boxes he/she has used.

(this image is not of my playlist. I found the image elsewhere in the forum, it belongs to 'synth7'; just needed an example)

im sure the first time I used SCPL and added some tracks this was set as a default layout, but somewhere along the line, i have managed to make them vanish.

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album/artist boxes on SCPL
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In order to make the group headers appear, you need to tell SCPL how to group your playlist entries. Righ click on the playlist and then under "Sort/Group By" choose "Edit" from the popup menu. You'll need to check the boxes to create a custom sorting and grouping string or choose one of the default presets.