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Ripping Audio cds Question
I am new here & please excuse me if this question seems crazy!

Can you do any damage to the contents on a store bought audio cd, while "ripping" it
(in your computer) to a different format such as Flac, mp3, etc.?
I have a massive collection of audio cds & would like to convert the songs to play in my ipod.

Thanks so much!


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Ripping Audio cds Question
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Ripping Audio cds Question
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Definitely not. Ripping a CD is functionally the same as playing it.
EAC>1)fb2k>LAME3.99 -V 0 --vbr-new>WMP12 2)MAC-Extra High

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Ripping Audio cds Question
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Ripping a CD is generally done at much higher speed than the 1X at which it is played, which leads to higher stresses on the disc and higher temperatures, but this should generally not cause problems. If it worries you then rip at a lower speed.