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current version: 0.1.3

This component lets you use the visualizations from WMP, so you need to have WMP installed.

however, there are 2 visualizations only available in the following versions of WMP.DLL:

11.0.5358.4827 (ZH_TW WMP 11 for XP)
11.0.5721.5145 (ENU WMP 11 for XP)
11.0.5721.5230 (ENU WMP 11 for XP)
11.0.6000.6324 (WMP 11 included in VISTA RTM 6000)

and they are: “Bars and Waves” and “Battery”.

for those of you missing the milkdrop, this is a good wmp vis using milk/vbs presets: TwistedPixel

note that full screen is not planned to support.

- added support for WMP11 ENU 11.0.5721.5230
- fixed crashing when right click to show the menu

- hopefully fixed an anonying bug, which seems to be random

- fixed a few bugs, especially crashing when right click


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Sounds cool but I can't see the download link.


Reply #3
Failed to load DLL: foo_uie_wmpvis.dll
Reason: Det här programmet kunde inte starta eftersom programmets konfiguration är felaktig. Problemet kanske kan rättas till om du installerar om programmet.

Translated: This program couldn't initiate because the configuration is wrong. The issue might be corrected by reinstalling the program.

My WMP version is this: 11.0.5721.5145
And I'm using WinXP Pro Swedish.


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you should read the "my foobar2000 components" article in my blog before downloading.


Reply #5
Sorry, got it working with the runtime stuff. Best Foobar visualization yet.


Reply #6
Sorry I have only WMP 10 and it works too although when mking a rightclick Foobar crashes.
I was surprised that it worked with WMp10


Reply #7
Thanks for the new component.

I am running WMP 11 and it works but if I make a rightclick on the wmpvis panel Foobar crashes with the error:

"Unhandled exception : one or more visualisation entry in the registry corrupted."


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it will works with WMP 7+.
what I said in the first post is that only the 2 effects will work in the supported versions.
the right click crash is probably a bug.

hm.. I think because your registry has some vis entries that listed there but not registered properly, I was too lazy to implement the check, so simply throws an exception.
I will make it better later.


Reply #9
In your first post you linked Twisted Pixel
But how can you add this to WMP vis. I don't understand 

Would be nice you could explain this


Reply #10
I'm going to upload a new version in a minute, hopefully fixed some bugs, especially what you said about right clicking. please tell me if it's gone after you tried.

to answer your question, it's easy, just download the WMP version there and install it.
then when you right click on the my vis window, you'll see the menu item.


Reply #11
Ahh okay. Tell me when you upload this I will give feedback.
I was wondering where there where some setttings I searched in preferences for it.

But I must thank you 
There are less vis so when there is a new It is really great 

I was confused because of this sentence in your starting post
however, there are 2 visualizations only supported with the following versions of WMP.DLL


Reply #12
it's updated now. and  there's no preference for it at all, all you can set is when right clicking.

since this is just a unexpected product when I was digging with WMP, I'm not going to spend much time on it.
and I just feel I should provide an alternative for the abandoned foo_uie_vis_projectm.

I mean those 2 visualisations are only available with the listed versions of the WMP.DLL, I'll rephase it.

by using this component, you can use the g-force vis, so I think a lot of people should be happy with this component.

ps, now errors are sent to the console most of the time.


Reply #13
I got a crash when changing visualisation.

Code: [Select]
Illegal operation:
Code: C0000005h, flags: 00000000h, address: 077DE186h
Access violation, operation: write, address: 07818000h
Call path:
This is the first crash logged by this instance.
Code bytes (077DE186h):
077DE146h:  C1 00 00 85 C0 75 13 C7 86 EC C0 00 00 01 00 00
077DE156h:  00 5F 5E 5B 8B E5 5D C2 04 00 89 86 EC BE 00 00
077DE166h:  55 8B 6D 08 8B 85 B4 BF 00 00 8B 9D B8 BF 00 00
077DE176h:  F7 E3 8B C8 8B BD EC BE 00 00 8B 85 70 C3 00 00
077DE186h:  89 07 83 C7 04 E2 F9 8B BD EC BE 00 00 8B B5 10
077DE196h:  BF 00 00 8B 8D B0 C0 00 00 8B 95 AC C0 00 00 8B
077DE1A6h:  06 89 07 83 C6 04 83 C7 04 E2 F4 8B 8D B0 C0 00
077DE1B6h:  00 2B BD B4 C0 00 00 03 BD BC BF 00 00 4A 75 DF
Stack (0012E654h):
0012E634h:  00000000 BF803426 AA627BD0 00000000
0012E644h:  BF803426 AA627BA8 AA627BF8 AA627D40
0012E654h:  0012E668 00000000 07910048 07910048
0012E664h:  00000160 0012E694 077D1480 07910048
0012E674h:  00000000 07910048 07910048 077D1109
0012E684h:  07910048 0012E6E8 07910048 00000000
0012E694h:  0012E6BC 077DEA97 07910048 0791004C
0012E6A4h:  000000FF 077DF24A 07910048 01036380
0012E6B4h:  0185000F 013F71EC 7A0107E8 013D205B
0012E6C4h:  0791004C 0012E6E8 7A0107E8 0012F6F8
0012E6D4h:  013DB3B1 01036380 0012E6E8 7A0107E8
0012E6E4h:  0012F6F8 C8C7C5C4 CFCDCCCA D5D3D2D0
0012E6F4h:  DAD9D7D6 E0DEDDDC E5E4E2E1 EAE9E7E6
0012E704h:  EEEDECEB F2F1F0EF F6F5F4F3 F8F8F7F6
0012E734h:  F9F9FAFB F6F7F7F8 F3F3F4F5 EFF0F1F2
0012E754h:  D5D7D8DA CFD1D2D4 C9CBCCCE C3C5C6C8
EAX: 00000000, EBX: 00000160, ECX: FFFFE208, EDX: 00000000
ESI: 07910048, EDI: 07818000, EBP: 07910048, ESP: 0012E654
Crash location: "Pulsing", loaded at 077D0000h - 077F7000h

Loaded modules:
foobar2000                      loaded at 00400000h - 004F3000h
ntdll                            loaded at 7C900000h - 7C9B6000h
kernel32                        loaded at 7C800000h - 7C8FE000h
COMCTL32                        loaded at 77390000h - 77493000h
msvcrt                          loaded at 77BE0000h - 77C38000h
ADVAPI32                        loaded at 77F40000h - 77FEB000h
RPCRT4                          loaded at 77DA0000h - 77E31000h
GDI32                            loaded at 77E40000h - 77E87000h
USER32                          loaded at 7E390000h - 7E420000h
SHLWAPI                          loaded at 77E90000h - 77F06000h
SHELL32                          loaded at 7C9C0000h - 7D1E0000h
ole32                            loaded at 774A0000h - 775DD000h
shared                          loaded at 10000000h - 10029000h
comdlg32                        loaded at 76350000h - 7639A000h
IMM32                            loaded at 76330000h - 7634D000h
uxtheme                          loaded at 5B190000h - 5B1C8000h
msctfime                        loaded at 75250000h - 7527E000h
foo_abx                          loaded at 00A30000h - 00A64000h
foo_albumlist                    loaded at 00A70000h - 00AB7000h
OLEAUT32                        loaded at 770E0000h - 7716C000h
foo_cdda                        loaded at 00AD0000h - 00B06000h
foo_converter                    loaded at 00B30000h - 00B99000h
foo_custominfo                  loaded at 00BC0000h - 00C45000h
foo_cwb_hooks                    loaded at 00C70000h - 00CA5000h
foo_discogs                      loaded at 00CD0000h - 00D4C000h
gdiplus                          loaded at 4EB80000h - 4ED23000h
WS2_32                          loaded at 71A30000h - 71A47000h
WS2HELP                          loaded at 71A20000h - 71A28000h
WINMM                            loaded at 76AF0000h - 76B1E000h
foo_dsp_std                      loaded at 00DF0000h - 00E31000h
foo_input_std                    loaded at 00E60000h - 00F74000h
foo_masstag                      loaded at 00FA0000h - 00FF0000h
foo_masstag_addons              loaded at 01010000h - 0101E000h
MSVCR80                          loaded at 78130000h - 781CB000h
foo_menu_addons                  loaded at 01040000h - 01065000h
foo_msnalt                      loaded at 01080000h - 01099000h
foo_playcount                    loaded at 010C0000h - 010E8000h
foo_playlist_tree                loaded at 01110000h - 01182000h
libmzsch360_000                  loaded at 10400000h - 105D0000h
WSOCK32                          loaded at 71A50000h - 71A5A000h
libmzgc360_000                  loaded at 011B0000h - 01254000h
foo_rgscan                      loaded at 012A0000h - 012E8000h
foo_run                          loaded at 01310000h - 0133B000h
foo_uie_quicksearch              loaded at 01360000h - 013A6000h
foo_uie_wmpvis                  loaded at 013D0000h - 0140A000h
MSVCP80                          loaded at 7C420000h - 7C4A7000h
foo_ui_columns                  loaded at 01420000h - 014B7000h
foo_ui_panels                    loaded at 014E0000h - 015B3000h
foo_ui_std                      loaded at 015E0000h - 01637000h
foo_unpack                      loaded at 01660000h - 0168E000h
foo_utils                        loaded at 016B0000h - 016E9000h
foo_whatsnew                    loaded at 01710000h - 01740000h
Msimg32                          loaded at 76320000h - 76325000h
DSOUND                          loaded at 73E80000h - 73EDC000h
VERSION                          loaded at 77BD0000h - 77BD8000h
WINTRUST                        loaded at 76BF0000h - 76C1E000h
CRYPT32                          loaded at 77A40000h - 77AD5000h
MSASN1                          loaded at 77AE0000h - 77AF2000h
IMAGEHLP                        loaded at 76C50000h - 76C78000h
wdmaud                          loaded at 72C90000h - 72C99000h
msacm32                          loaded at 72C80000h - 72C88000h
MSACM32                          loaded at 77BB0000h - 77BC5000h
midimap                          loaded at 77BA0000h - 77BA7000h
KsUser                          loaded at 73E50000h - 73E54000h
CLBCATQ                          loaded at 76F90000h - 7700F000h
COMRes                          loaded at 77010000h - 770DD000h
mpvis                            loaded at 0D780000h - 0D7BE000h
D3D8                            loaded at 6DEC0000h - 6DFE8000h
d3d8thk                          loaded at 6DEB0000h - 6DEB6000h
Blaze                            loaded at 07540000h - 07567000h
Pulsing                          loaded at 077D0000h - 077F7000h
Trilogy I                        loaded at 07A10000h - 07A3A000h
DDRAW                            loaded at 736D0000h - 73719000h
DCIMAN32                        loaded at 73B30000h - 73B36000h
DBGHELP                          loaded at 59E70000h - 59F11000h

Stack dump analysis:
Address: 077D1480h, location: "Pulsing", loaded at 077D0000h - 077F7000h
Address: 077D1109h, location: "Pulsing", loaded at 077D0000h - 077F7000h
Address: 077DEA97h, location: "Pulsing", loaded at 077D0000h - 077F7000h
Address: 077DF24Ah, location: "Pulsing", loaded at 077D0000h - 077F7000h
Address: 013F71ECh, location: "foo_uie_wmpvis", loaded at 013D0000h - 0140A000h
Address: 013D205Bh, location: "foo_uie_wmpvis", loaded at 013D0000h - 0140A000h
Address: 013DB3B1h, location: "foo_uie_wmpvis", loaded at 013D0000h - 0140A000h

Version info:
foobar2000 v0.9.4.2

Additional info:
ZIP/GZIP reader 1.0  (foo_unpack)
Quick Search Toolbar 2.8k  (foo_uie_quicksearch)
foobar2000 core  (Core)
MSN Now Playing (alt) 2.4  (foo_msnalt)
WMP Visualizations 0.1.1 (Intel SSE)  (foo_uie_wmpvis)
FLAC Decoder 1.1.0  (foo_input_std)
RAR reader 1.1  (foo_unpack)
Playlist tools 0.5.7  (foo_utils)
Playlist Tree Panel 3.0.BETA_2 [Mar 23 2007 - 16:44:16]  (foo_playlist_tree)
Masstagger 1.6  (foo_masstag)
Default User Interface 0.9acc  (foo_ui_std)
Panels UI 0.9.1 beta [Mar 27 2007 - 23:07:16]  (foo_ui_panels)
WMA Decoder 1.1  (foo_input_std)
ReplayGain Scanner 2.0.2  (foo_rgscan)
Columns UI 0.1.3 beta 1v7  (foo_ui_columns)
Run services 0.3.2  (foo_run)
Menu Addons 0.3.9  (foo_menu_addons)
Standard Input Array 1.0  (foo_input_std)
Masstagger Addons 0.3.3  (foo_masstag_addons)
Playback Statistics 1.3.2  (foo_playcount)
Album List 3.2.0  (foo_albumlist)
foo_custominfo 0.1.2  (foo_custominfo)
ABX Comparator 1.3.1  (foo_abx)
Discogs Tagger 0.99  (foo_discogs)
CD Audio Decoder 2.1.1  (foo_cdda)
cwbowron's title format hooks 1.1.0beta [Dec  1 2006 - 13:47:34]  (foo_cwb_hooks)
Feature Watcher 1.0.2  (foo_whatsnew)
Standard DSP array 1.0  (foo_dsp_std)
Converter 1.0.1  (foo_converter)


Reply #14
you should provide more details.
first, I just guess the pulsing the same thing I have.
then which preset will crash, and lastly, the steps.

it could be that vis itself has bugs.


Reply #15
Very nice. I wanted to use winamp AVS, so I tried this WMP plugin:

Its very buggy, but it works. Im getting a "get title" error and some presets cause foobar to crash (pretty violently, I might add, with a barrage of errors).

It would be awesome if you made a separate plugin specifically for AVS. There was one for foobar 8.x and I really miss it.


Reply #16
Know by klicking right I get

unhandled exeption : unsupported Version of wmp.dll


Reply #17
no, as I said, this is just unexpected product, I'm not quite interest in vis.

you kidding me, check your version, I think yours still 0.1


Reply #18
I downloaded the that version from your page 
Thought it must be 0.1.1 but it's still 0.1 from that Link Your page

On the linked page:
I couldn't find a downloadlink but the first one I posted.

Would you tell me where I get the new version?

Maybe I am stupid but I really thought it would be the new version because I downloaded it from your page.
So sorry

Always get this version:
Thu Apr 05 03:12:07 2007

Maybe someone with the new version could upload it somewhere else?


Reply #19
you leave it for the moment, I found a nasty bug, shit. wait until I fix it.


Reply #21
By clicking that link I download Projectm 


Reply #22
copied wrong link 
check the link again


Reply #23
I downloaded now the new version 
Seems to work no crashes so far 

by the way the 0.1 was really stange because the vis seemed to be "on top on the desktop" I couldn't see a part of the preference window  Also this seems to be fixed now.

So one thing I recognized: when I click "config" in the menu nothing happens.
I don't know if this a bug or something which is on the to do list.


Reply #24
So one thing I recognized: when I click "config" in the menu nothing happens.
I don't know if this a bug or something which is on the to do list.

hm.. I don't know what u talking about, the config item will be disabled if the vis doesn't have a config dialog, or else it will shows it, it's implemented already, nothing in my todo list.

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