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short question about foo-script
hi guys.
pardon a lame question about scripting, but i've just started. I want to touch on of the exisitng .pui files and adjust the source of cover files.

the logic is as follows:
- if there's a JPG file in the parent dir, where files are stored, grab it;
- else search in a fixed location a JPG file, which name starts with the name of the album played.

something like...

Code: [Select]

but it doesn;t work properly. what am i missing here?

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short question about foo-script
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Try something like this:
Code: [Select]
// PerTrack


I don't really see a problem with the code you pasted unless it is not under a // PerTrack or // PerSecond header. Also, I assume by your example that by "parent dir" you are referring to the directory that the song file resides in. If you actually mean the parent directory 1 level higher, replace "%filename_ext%" with "%directory%\%filename_ext%". Also there is support for wildcard extensions so you can replace ".jpg" with ".*" and the code will automatically search for .gif, .png, etc.
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short question about foo-script
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thanks a lot for the reply. i'm slowly figuring it out...