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Increase in LAME performance?
I was reading a few articles about the new Intel die shrink and core revision and something caught my eye.
Today Intel disclosed that Penryn will feature a 4-bit per cycle divider, that the company claims will offer 4X the performance of current processors for square root operations...
From this article.

Now if I remember correctly, isn't the bottleneck in current versions of LAME the sqrt() function? I was just curious what some of the more technical minded members of HA and/or developers thought this might mean for performance, if anything at all.

Increase in LAME performance?
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mhh that would suck... then i do not even have to wait any more for a song to be encoded since it would be so fast

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Increase in LAME performance?
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Penryn-based processors also have a much better divider unit, roughly doubling the divider speed using a faster divide technique called Radix 16. Also, the shuffle engine has been improved. Intel's "Super Shuffle Engine" is a 128-bit, single-pass shuffle unit that can perform full-width shuffles in a single cycle, improving performance for SSE2, SSE3 and SSE4 instructions that have shuffle-like operations such as pack, unpack and wider packed shifts.
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