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Variations of --alt-preset standard

Hi ..

I've encoded several cd's with it --alt-preset standard and i'm perfectly happy with the bitrate. So far it has been totaly transparant to my ears. I'm impressed by your work Dibrom, great job !

Now my questions:

I've got some recordings on my hd that i want to compress to mp3.

recording type 1:

Some rare  fm recorings (yeah i know fm sucks).
FM has a limit of 15kHz so a lowpass of 15.4 should be used.

--alt-preset standard -Y lowpass 15.4 ?

-Y because i want to ignore sfb21 shaping. Right or not ? Or is there a better setting ?

recording type 2:

Cabaret recorded from tv. Very much vocal stuff with here and there some music and songs.

--alt-preset standard -b 32 ?

When i look at the histogram in razorlame i noticed that the minimum bitrate was at 128 with the cd's i encoded (-b 128 in the preset ?). Is it wise to use -b 32, or is it to agresive with the other settings used in --alt-preset standard ? Silence's in the show are probably not real digital silence's because of low-frequency distortion from my tv/radio card.

recording type 3:

Concerts recorded from tv. When i look at the spectral view in cool edit (as far as i read/view it correctly) there is more high frequency stuff than with FM broadcasts.

--alt-preset standard ?

Does anybody know the exact cut-off frequency of tv ?

That's about it.  Thanks.