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Topic: Roxio EMC 9, FLAC Music DVD, hardware independent? (Read 1484 times) previous topic - next topic

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Roxio EMC 9, FLAC Music DVD, hardware independent?
Roxio's Easy Media Creator 9 literature says you can make a DVD Music Disc

and FLAC is a supported input/output format of the program

Do they include the FLAC codec on the burned disk so that you could play it anywhere, or are you limited to FLAC supported hardware?

If the latter is true, it sure would be great to figure out how to make it play anywhere, unless that's impossible.
I apologise ahead of time for my lack of FLAC knowledge.


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Roxio EMC 9, FLAC Music DVD, hardware independent?
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From a very quick look at their site, it looks like their "DVD Music Discs" are only standard DVD-Video discs with your choice of music as the audio track, such that the disc can be played on any DVD-Video player much in the same way you'd play a movie

What they most likely do is take your flacs, decode them,  encode them to whatever is used on DVD-Video discs (AC3?), then burn them to the disc.