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  • Alexxander
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Software to verify EAC log CRC's
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Here is temporary solution (works for most logs):

Code: [Select]
@echo off

rem crc1632 - [url=][/url]
set flac="E:\TEST\flac.exe"
set crc1632="E:\TEST\crc1632.exe"

rem takes first parameter as path to log and flac files
cd "%1"

for %%f in (*.flac) do (
echo %%f
%flac% -d -c -f --totally-silent --force-raw-format --endian=little --sign=signed "%%f" | %crc1632% /m32

IF errorlevel=1 GOTO fail

for %%f in (*.log) do (
rem opens .log in notepad, to open in default app for .log files chage next line to: "%%f"
notepad.exe "%%f"

IF errorlevel=1 GOTO fail
GOTO end
echo Sth is wrong.
rem uncomment next line to prevent cmd window from closing
rem pause

Save as .bat and use in foo_run, total commander, windows explorer or any other tool
Could be 100% effective if I would know some way to compile Triza code. Maybe I will make own tool for this in c, for now this must be enough

Edit: small fix - added %~d1 to change drive.

Nice script. I tried it on flac ripped albums and it calculates nicely CRC's but the results aren't identical to the CRC's in the EAC logfile. I suppose the CRC's are different because in EAC I rip with the option "No use of null samples for CRC calculations" marked (EAC Options >> tab Extraction).
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  • JoyO
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Software to verify EAC log CRC's
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This issue I think could be solved quiet fast and easy. We need to add another pipe before passing stream to crc1632, like
-sign=signed "%%f" | CLEAN.EXE | %crc1632% /m32
where CLEAN.EXE would be simple program that reads data from stdin, removes 0000 (not sure here as I dont have any flac file created with checked eac "No use of null samples for CRC calculations" option.) and writes to stdout. This should be a few lines of code. However, I need some some flac file to test it.

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Software to verify EAC log CRC's
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Assuming 0000 means left-channel sample and right-channel sample (LLRR), your cleaning concept isn't going to duplicate EAC's method of CRC generation.

Your method must also change 00XX or XX00 to XX.

Never mind.  You're correct, 0x0000 represents a 16-bit null sample in a single channel.
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Is 24-bit/192kHz good enough for your lo-fi vinyl, or do you need 32/384?

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Software to verify EAC log CRC's
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Wow! I see people try to solve the problem that was solved months ago...
Please have a look here... I think this helps, no?

greynol asked me to provide a kind of console tool that can easily calculate all variants of CRC, & i think i can help, i know all the truth and already have (maybe some fixes will be necessary to support stdin) some C code...

PS very sorry for my english.
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