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No that wasn't that what I intended: I want it this way:
Klick something in the Videoplaylist in foobar and my Gom Player will start playing but when I mark some video then have a special hotkey that the second Video in Gom will be in that playlist enqueued.
But I think this wil only work with special Videoplayers. I tried several codes in the runservices component but nothing worked . I believe it is the way Gom is Porgrammed but it should be possible to reach this behaviour with other media players.
But there is also the easy right klick way to enqueue a video.

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could you add mkv extension support?

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If only it can play electric sheep's mpeg file like sheepWMP.
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Could you post a sheepmpeg?
I couldn`t find some.

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Could you post a sheepmpeg?
I couldn`t find some.

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The "few clips" are working for me 
And the Samples are .mov which aren't supported by this plugin
Which default Video player are you using?
I'm using Gom and it works

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The "few clips" are working for me 
And the Samples are .mov which aren't supported by this plugin
Which default Video player are you using?
I'm using Gom and it works

I haven't tested the plugin cos it uses a popup window and involve two apps,    great for playing videos. but for the nature of electricsheep is a lot better to integrate with Columes UI as foo_uie_vis_projectm.

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The problem is that there seems to be no interest in developping visualization plugins or not the know how.

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just wanted to say that i've used foobar2000 for my music for a year or so, but i have a very large collection of music videos i always wanted to organize using foobar.

this plugin is a step in the right direction!  i've always wanted to be able to view my music videos just as i do music but most video players only have a basic playlist function for videos.  if you could somehow find a way to be able to tag the video files like music, and have an options screen for a little customization, then this would become my dream plugin.

anyways, even though i don't think many people need or will use this plugin there will always be someone like me who've wanted a plugin like this since day 1.


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i'm using version 1.2 it shows up in the pref > components

Double click a video file - nothing happens. VLC is my default player. Is it VLC or is there a bug. I tried loads of dif formats, avi, mpg, 3gp etc

Edit: uninstalled VLC and now it all works fine.

Request - a way to test if a mp4 is a video or mp3 eg mp4 - audio play in foobar, video play in foobar
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Version 0.1.3 with config form released. Now you can config prefered file types and videoplayer.

btw...there is a problem with playing wmv by foobar instead of videoplayer, by now i don't know how to solve it.
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Version 0.1.3 with config form released. Now you can config prefered file types and videoplayer.

btw...there is a problem with playing wmv by foobar instead of videoplayer, by now i don't know how to solve it.

Maybe you shouldn't associate WMV with Foobar. 

In the filetypebox it is only *.* shown. How must I write  filetypes?
.avi .mov ?

First bug report:
I am using Gomplayer. So now when I use your plugin to open a video. The screen starts flickering and I here music but I am not able to see anything while manually open videofiles with gom are shown normal.

O I found ouit I am wrong. It seems to be a problem with Gomplayer when having Foobar open.
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Maybe you shouldn't associate WMV with Foobar.

I dont associate WMV with foobar. It seems like playing wmv is internal ability of foo_input_std.

In the filetypebox it is only *.* shown. How must I write filetypes?
.avi .mov ?

Thanks for your notice, this default value is incorrect  . You should write like that:

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These problems with my player are really annoying.
-I dont know it its just your plug-in or what it is caused from.

Opening file manually works
Open the file with your plugin causes problems but only when Foobar is not minimized

This is really strange 

The same behaviour appears with VLC so I guess it is not my media player
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2 Spirit_of_the_ocean

I've just tried Gomplayer and it works fine with my plugin.

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I updated my columns ui the last days maybe thats the problem?
Under dafault ui everything works fine.
Now I am trying to find out what could be the problem.

The effect only seems to appear if foobar is maximized
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works perfect here, thanks santa sam

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Another thing I recognized using panel ui works also normal.

Problematic flickering appears only when using  a foobar2000 with Columns ui with maximized window.

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Hi guys! This is a plugin with insane possibilities. I will explain how you can get this to work. I've found out myself:

#1 First off all, you need to install this great plugin
restart foobar2000 and make a new playlist for your mpg's or avis (and so on).

Put them in there.

#2Then open mplayerc.exe

Press O (not 0 )
Go to Player-<formats and select these Codecs: avi mpg flv wmv and mpeg
(or just press the "Video" button, if you just use this player for videos)

Go to foobar again

Press CTRL + P and browse to Tools -> Default Videoplayer

Put this in "file types" : avi;mpg;flv;wmv;mpeg;
then select your path to Mplayerc.exe
Mine is C:\Appz\MPC\Mplayerc.exe

Then you are set! Enjoy foobar's possibilities!

Note: i can see that some guys here wan'ts to edit the tags for videofiles.
How about a txt file tha stores all info from vidz so you may change title
and artist for music videos, And the plugin looks up via i.e a little adress like this:



#1="C:\Videos\videofile.mpg"- [A="Artistname"] - [T="titleofsong"] - [O1."otherinfo"]
#2="C:\Videos\videofile.avi"- [A="Artistname"] - [T="titleofsong"] - [O1."otherinfo"]


#1="C:\movies\moviefile.iso"- [A="name of movie"] - [T="year of production"] - [O1."otherinfo"]
#2="C:\movies\moviefile.iso"- [A="name of movie"] - [T="year of production"] - [O1."otherinfo"]

Just an idea!

This would not write to the mediafiles themself, but be stored in the TXT-file VideoMeta.txt (or something).For the plugin to look up and send to playlist.
If someone haxxor  could implent this! That would help alot.

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I'm unable to get foobar to import all of the video filetypes I specify into the media library. It seems to bring in wmv and mp4 files successfully, but it's not bringing in avi, mpg, or mkv even though I have those extensions specified in the "Restrict To" field on the Media Library prefs page.

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Jugdish, I have tried foobar with components that you listed in PM, I added to my components:

ABX Comparator 1.3.1 (foo_abx.dll)
Audioscrobbler 1.3.5 (foo_audioscrobbler.dll)
RAR reader 1.1, ZIP/GZIP reader 1.0 (foo_unpack.dll)
ReplayGain Scanner 2.0.2 (foo_rgscan.dll)

I thought reason was in conflict with other components but, media library still work fine with them.
What happens then you drag&drop file to foobar playlist? can you play it?
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in my case the plugin works well with both mplayerc and gom player... but it only plays one video at a time... and the title of the video does not appear in  the foobar title bar...
and i would be more than happy to play my videos from foobar... cuz i could keep them organized in the cool playlist tabs.. but its annoying to hit play on each video.
is this normal?? or the videos should play one after another like the audio files do?

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2 haste
It is exactly that i want to implement - title of video file in foobar titlebar and normal playback

i think i should do something like monitoring and controlling videoplayer window for playback status, i think its possible, but not universal for all players, and now i have no idea how to do it..

Better solution would be a plugin for foobar that plays video in a panel. But if there will be such plugin, then Media Player Classic will be not needed for me.
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Monitoring would be difficult to do universally.  However, controlling playback might not be.  All you would have to do is make it so the extension projects keyboard shortcuts when in video mode.  The users can then set the shortcuts to be whatever they want.  So for instance if the extension has sent a video to the external player, pushing the pause button does not cause Foobar to pause but instead types out a user-defined set of keyboard commands that correspond to the "pause" keyboard shortcut for the external player, thus pausing the movie.  The same could be done for fast-forward and rewind.  This could be extended to Foobar's own custom keyboard shortcuts, so pressing the pause keyboard shortcut for Foobar causes Foobar to then "press" the pause keyboard shortcut for the video player. 

Whether next, previous, shuffle, and repeat buttons should be based on keyboard shortcuts or control the playlist should probably be user-defined.    For instance I use KMplayer, which does a good job of automatically grouping videos that might want to be played in a sequence into a playlist.  For that reason it would be better for forward, back, shuffle, and repeat to control that player rather then my foobar playlist.  But other people would probably feel differently or organize their videos differently, so for them it might be better for the buttons to control the Foobar playlist.

You could even include the default shortcut keys for a variety of popular video players from a dropdown menu.  But you will still need to let users input their own.

One complication is telling Foobar when to use the shortcut and when to use the commands normally.  The only way I can think of to do this is for the plugin to simply remember the last files that was played.  If that file was a video file then the plugin uses the shortcuts.  If the last file was an audio file then buttons operate normally.  This obviously wouldn't work if you start a video and then play music while the video is still going, but I don't see any way around this short of monitoring the video player. 

The second complication is the play/pause button.  If you hit the play/pause button and a video is not playing you want it to be sent to the external player.  But if a video is playing and you hit the play/pause you want it to pause or unpause.  The only thing I can think of is for the plugin to remember the video that was last played and compare that to the currently selected video in the foobar playlist.  If these are the same the play/pause button acts as a pause/unpause button.  If they are different it sends the video to the external player.  Once again this not the optimal solution but I see no other practical way to do it.  This doesn't matter for the play button, which always causes the file to restart anyway. 

I wouldn't think this would be that hard to do, and would allow you to control the external video player with foobar.  I'm not sure how easy it is for the plugin to remember what the last file played was, but I can't imagine it being that difficult and could simply be based on the filename and full path of the video (not more than a few hundred bytes and readable off titleformat).  Obviously this isn't a perfect solution since Foobar cannot actually tell what is happening in the other player.  But it is simple, universal, and better than nothing.
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I can`t run this plugin, it says it`s incompatible with foobar2000 and also foobar2000

Plugin isn`t loading at all on foobar start

Failed to load DLL: foo_default_videoplayer.dll
Reason: This component is missing a required dependency, or was made for different version of foobar2000.

Any suggestions, what i`m doing wrong ?