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FLAC 1.1.3 released
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Sorry, for repeating my question, but just in case that it was missed the first time around

@Josh Coalson

Would you please consider being so kind as to add wildcard support to flac.exe and metaflac.exe in a new version sometime ? Some days ago i wanted to test my FLAC archive before i re-encoded them again with the added -A "tukey(0,5)" switch, as i had forgotten to use that switch the first time around and had a comma as decimal seperator. Then i first rightclicked on my FLAC folder and selected "Open Command Window Here" and then i just typed "flac -t *.flac", but recieved an error message and so i understood that flac.exe didn't expanded wildcards unfortunetly. This then means that instead of being able to do this : "flac -t *.flac", then we have to do this instead : for %G in (*.flac) do flac -t "%G". Luckilly then Tycho has compiled a globbing utility which code is listed on the net and which i now use instead, but IMHO, then i really think that wildcard support for the command-line tools of FLAC, is a really important feature missing.

Anyway, i just wanted to fill this feature request to you, and also say many thank's for all your great work on the FLAC format.

CU, Martin.

I still don't quite understand how this works: for %G in (*.flac) do flac -t "%G". How do I encode a entire directory to flac if I cannot use "*.wav"? What do I use to substitute "*".wav?

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FLAC 1.1.3 released
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Who says that you can't use "*.wav"?

If running from the command line in the directory with the WAVE files, and FLAC is in a folder in PATH (like your Windows folder) the following should work fine:

Code: [Select]
FOR %G IN (*.wav) DO FLAC -6 "%G"
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