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[foo_remotecontrol] New plugin for Creative remote control

Foo_remotecontrol (Version BETA 1)  

This plugin let you control your foobar2000 0.9 with Creative remote control.

The remote control interface are provided by Melloware Intelliremote software which claims to work with Soundblaster Live!, Audigy, Extigy, Audigy ZS, Soundblaster X-Fi. That means you can these remote control with this plugin to control your foobar.

However, the Intelliremote software which I included in this release is an old version 2.1 dosen't support X-FI. So you have to install the newer version by yourself if you have an X-FI remote. Just override the intelliprefs.xml file with the one in my release.


Link to Melloware Intelliremote

1. Download foo_remotecontrol.rar and Intelliremote.rar from above site.
2. Extract foo_remotecontrol.rar to the components folder of foobar2000 0.9.
3. Extract Intelliremote.rar to any folder you like. You can put it outside foobar folder.
4. Run Intelliremote.exe. (I'd recommend you add this to your startup folder in star menu, so you don't have to run it every time you want to use the remote control. )
5. Run CmdMapping.exe in foo_remotecontrol folder to create mapping between keys and foobar menu items.
6. Restart foobar. Test your remote control.


[foo_remotecontrol] New plugin for Creative remote control

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