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Making File Type Icons
Hi, i have really no idea for the terms used to create icons. but i have made a icon for a file type for foobar that foobar does not have. Just for personal use. i saved it as a 32x32 and works fine in my music folders with the songs in it.

But, i had to paste it as a 32x32 in my foobar2000 icons folder.
And when you open files from foobar instead of being just the head of the icon the 16x16 mine is the whole thing, you know file extenstion at the bottom, for example:
TTA. I would just like to know what programs might be good to buy to do this, and maybe some steps on how to, i can take it from there.

Sorry if this is wrong forum.

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Making File Type Icons
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Hi, i have really no idea for the terms used to create icons.
  • Grab Paint.NET, it's freeware.
  • Get the IcoCur plugin from the Paint.NET forums, it's freeware too. To install it unzip it into: C:\Program Files\Paint.NET\FileTypes
  • Now to make transparent icons at a size you want use the eraser tool in Paint.NET to remove the background colours. Then save your image as an .ico choosing only the sizes you want such as 32x32 and 16x16, etc.

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Making File Type Icons
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I make my own icons sometimes.  Mostly for audio formats.  I normally just go into the file type library under Folder Options in Windows and specify my own icons and parameters (what to open it with, ect.) I rarely ever let a installing program default it.  I'm just a power user like that, and it's just a suggestion.
It's due for a good DEGAUSSIN'

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Making File Type Icons
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Thanks you too. Very good ideas. It worked out pretty good.