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An AAC/MP4 decoder for Adobe Audition
First post here after much searching and reading of the forums...

I learned today that MP4 (M4A) is the latest and best way to put quality audio on a website as a podcast, and installed the new version of Windows media player in order to play something I'd downloaded. It didn't, and I then had to download a decoder (actually one that Microsoft specifically suggested I didn't), in order to play it. Seemed strange but hey, it's MS.

I now want to manipulate the files in Audition 1.5 and just cannot find a decoder that works. I've tried Nero (that comes up with a message that it fails to initialise properly), and something called FAAC which doesn't work either.

I thought Audition was a fairly standard program for audio editing and am surprised it doesn't already support M4A. Can anyone point me to a suitable decoder please.


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An AAC/MP4 decoder for Adobe Audition
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I also have had this problem over the years. There was a privately made Cool Edit/Audition commercial M4A/AAC encoder/decoder filter that got bought out a few years ago. I was one of a few that bought a copy from them right before they got bought out and stopped selling the product.

To my knowledge, aside from the older Nero 6 style filter which likely won't work if you have a newer version of Nero (7.x), there is no M4A/AAC encoder/decoder I know of that is being sold currently.

Adobe (and formerly Syntrillium) have had repeated requests (including by me and others) for this product/function, but never seemed to care to include M4A/AAC encoding/decoding support likely due to the cost of licensing it into their product from either Coding Technologies or Nero (Ahead). Until enough Audition people complain, they likely won't add M4A support.

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An AAC/MP4 decoder for Adobe Audition
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The FAAC.flt/id3lib.dll for CoolEdit at work perfectly for me with Audition 1.5.

An AAC/MP4 decoder for Adobe Audition
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Thanks for the speedy replies. Tycho, I found the FAAC.Flt and id3lib.dll and put them in my Audition folder, but when I try to open the file, I get and error box saying "MPEG4/AAC plug-in. getInfos:error opening file". Have done all the usual shut down and restart etc. but no joy.

Any clues? I know the actual files I'm trying to open are OK as I can play them in Windows Media Player, so I'm stumped.

Thanks again.

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An AAC/MP4 decoder for Adobe Audition
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I dunno whether this works or not but have you tried the quicktime filter from here? I stumbled across it when reading the Audition wiki and haven't had the time to try it yet.
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An AAC/MP4 decoder for Adobe Audition
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Yahooo! Trebius, that did it! Managed to load QT and it worked like a charm.

Thanks a million.


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An AAC/MP4 decoder for Adobe Audition
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I managed to get the nero mp4 filter working in adobe audition 1.5: