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16 bit vs 24 bit
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24 bits is distinguishable from 16 bits when only ~12 or less bits of the 16 are being used and the volume is boosted, generally to levels where a full 16 bits would likely surpass the threshold of pain.  Nothing new here.

On its own, however, the log does not rule out complete guesswork throughout the entire test as it is far from impossible to guess a coin toss correctly in six consecutive trials.
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Is 24-bit/192kHz good enough for your lo-fi vinyl, or do you need 32/384?

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16 bit vs 24 bit
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So in general as I understand CD good enough even for excellent stereo audio systems.
The only point that CD mastering must competent.
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16 bit vs 24 bit
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For the most part 16/44 fully covers end-product audio in the human-audible sense. A properly converted recording to 16/44 will most likely be indistinguishable from an original master recording at 24/96 stereo given there is no other processing involved and the content has typical volume (i.e. RG value around 0 to +10 dB is my conservative guess, maybe higher).

If I understood the hint about competent mastering, I agree that making the overall volume louder (i.e. RG values around -8 to -10dB) does not fully exploit the benefits of 24/96... or even 16/44 for that matter (/rant).
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