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Re: foo_scheduler

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Does anyone have a schedule for each day of the week, broken down by half-hour segments? Trying to save the time it would take to program in 336 blocks. :)

Alternatively, @andrew_smolko, is there a way to copy/paste or import a schedule? Thanks!

Re: foo_scheduler

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Just as an FYI, I have updated foobar to version 1.3.15 and the issue I had with the scheduler persists.

Re: foo_scheduler

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I appreciate all the work that has been put into refining this component; however, I don't understand why the "wake up computer" command hasn't been implemented in the action list? All of the shutdown options are there, so it seems odd that the wake command cannot be included also.

In fact, it seems the only way to incorporate the wake command is in the Date/Time event option?

Am I just being ignorant and missing something? If not, this is something I would love to see incorporated into any update!

Re: foo_scheduler

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Hi there
I'm very glad that you've made a scheduler! Thank you!
One action that i'm missing is to activate/deactivate a DPS. I'm using the "foo_dsp_fsurround" (stereo to 5.1) but I'd like that it is deactivated sometimes. Is there a way to manage this?
Thanks a lot!

Okay.. Nope, I'll use it all the time.

Re: foo_scheduler

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Hi, guys. How to makea loop in scheduler? May be only goto style? mean after last item in list go to first to repeat it

Re: foo_scheduler

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Just as an FYI, I have updated foobar to version 1.3.15 and the issue I had with the scheduler persists.
Hi guys:

Windows 10 updated itself and now (for totally unknown reasons) the scheduler started working again.

Re: foo_scheduler

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Is there also a way to load DSP chain presents with it? Didn't found a way via Google,,

And I like the scheduler very much! Thank you for your work!

foo_scheduler Save Playlist/s Action

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I don't think anyone has asked for this. I've done a thread search.

I downloaded this purely to see if there was a save and saveall playlists option on FB2K closed event to any of the 3 playlist types. As it would be super useful for Traktor.

Could this be implemented? Thanks.

Re: foo_scheduler

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Push: Could this be implemented? (load DSP chain presents)

Re: foo_scheduler

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I have Foobar v1.3.9  running very well under XP Pro SP3 on an old AMD laptop. What I want is a simple backup computer that I can quickly plug in at the transmitter for a couple weeks while I do a major studio rebuild in order to go with live DJ's. The main system runs RadioDJ in your basically automated format. This laptop will not run RadioDJ software very well, even on a clean install of XP. W7Pro will not even install on it.

I have two playlists that I need to switch between at certain times.  I am apparently missing something big here... when I create a time event and right-click to "Assign Action List", all that shows is "NONE". Say the playlists (M3U) are named "##MAIN##" and "##OVERNIGHTS##". and I need the "##OVERNIGHTS##"to run from midnight to 6AM.

What am I doing wrong/missing here?

Eddie H
WILD Chief Engineer


Re: foo_scheduler

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Is there a way to scheduler foobar to play a single track from playlist A , then a single track from playlist B, then back to A, and back to B, etc? I'm not coming up with a clever way to do this.

Re: foo_scheduler

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Could you please add an action to load certains DSP chain presents? Would be very useful!

Thank you a lot!

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