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Fade out when stopping or pausing

Hello Sir,

OK, I have finally uninstalled Winamp3, I'm absolutely amazed by the speed of this new "little" player.

I have one suggestion that you might find worth considering. I confess I loved the fade out that was present in the directsound output plugin of Winamp whenever you paused or stopped a song. Will you include this in Foobar2000?

Thanks a million.

Fade out when stopping or pausing

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Probably You won't see 'Fade' options. DirectSound output engine in Foobar2000 is wayyyy different from the one used in Winamp. From the other side, maybe someday... who knows 

Fade out when stopping or pausing

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i miss the fading stuff too, too bad i can't abuse out_ds sourcecode (legal crap...). might end writing new "advanced" directsound output when possibility of having multiple outputs is fully functional.
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