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Is it possible to dock foobar main window to the sides of the desktop?


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Is there a way to make it start not showing? I mean when foobar starts.


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I'm using dockable_panels with foobar 0.9.5. I do not have columns_ui installed and everything seems to work except that the dockables do not cling to the main window when I move it around. The dockable panel has the double arrows ([<<]) in the title bar (which I thing denotes it's snapped-to). Adding columns_ui doesn't change this behavior.

I can't say why, but I am using a dockable panel for the Explorer plug-in, and it grabs hold very easily.  I am using XP sp2.

It is I believe beta 9 I am still using.  No columns_ui.

Is it possible to "lock" a panel in with foobar so that when the foobar window is moved, the dockable panel moves with it?

I have the same problem. It's the kind of thing which is not very important but which stays on your mind...

Each time I move the main window, the dockable panels don't follow (of course, I use the Default User Interface, with columns_ui, they cling to the main window easily (???) but I prefer the DUI because I can display the equalizer in a panel on the main window -which does not seem possible in columns_ui  ).

The panels cling to the main DUI window when I install Foobar 9.4.4, but then, this old version does not have the same "display possibilities" in its menus (and I don't know anything about titleformatting  ).

Which beta 9 are you talking about Noorotic, plz ?

And it seems that Chris has stopped developping "dockable panels", so I am really at a loss about how to solve ths "sticky" problem...

Please, let me know if anyone has found a solution, thx!


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Each time I move the main window, the dockable panels don't follow (...)

It does not work because dockable panels hacks into windows owned by other components, relying on undocumented internal behaviours that can change at any time. Quoting the foobar2000 developer:

One more thought about SDK license violation incidents: (...)
People prefer writing hacks to get the functionality they need over asking other developers to provide legit means to implement that functionality. Even if those hacks rely on quirks of someone else's code and generate dozens of tech support posts when they fail miserably with the next foobar2000 release or changes in other components that they depend on. (...)

foo_dockable_panels - cwbowron could have asked UI developers to create some kind of API to dispatch whatever main window events he needs to process, but nooo, hooking the window is so much more "leet" than asking another person for help. An API similar to what is needed there already exists in 0.9.5+ but it's private to the new Default UI, I don't want to publish it until I know how exactly people want to use it so I don't have to create multiple incompatible revisions later.

Your best bet is to help turning this into a native feature of the default user interface, by stating for what purpose you need this and how you expect it to work.


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First of all, thank you so much for your answer!

It enlightens me a bit about the source of this problem (just a bit, because I understand the global meaning but I confess I don't know what an "API" is...) and though I had posted similar questions elsewhere on this forum and on others, nobody had taken the trouble to explain the situation to me. Thanks again.

And I also thank all developers for their great job!

So, I'll explain how and why I use dockable panels.

I use dockable panels because the Default User Interface does not seem to allow me to display the explorer tree or the quicksearch toolbar in panels within its main window. I could use columns_ui to do that, but columns_ui

1) is a bit tougher to manipulate for me than the DUI, seeing that I am rather a "noob" (yeah, I know, some people will tell me "Use Winamp, then!" but it seems to me that Foobar is lighter and quicker and there are possibilities in its interface, like having several playlists displayed as tags, which I find so much more useful and handy)

2) does not seem to allow me to display as much visualisations as the DUI (I know it may seem stupid to display several visualisations but I think it's fun and it's a possibility that is not as easily available on other players, sorry if I sound vain and "average")

3) does not seem to allow me to display the equalizer in one of its panels (I recognize I don't use the equalizer as I should because I am not an "acoustics professional", I don't really use it to correct a "reverb" in my room, rather to control some interactions between bass-middle-treble that can sometimes be disagreeable to the ear according to the type of music you listen to).

As far as I am concerned, it's just a problem with the choice of panels you can or cannot display according to the interface you're using. In fact, if some sort of "blend" between Columns_ui panels and DUI panels could be found, I wouldn't use Dockable panels at all.

I know it can be rather irritating to develop features for blockheads like me who "don't know a thing" and yet ask for new features and all... I was just trying to answer the question as truthfully as possible and I am sorry if my answers are a little basic or "average", or if I somehow failed to see how I could achieve what I want (namely, a main window with equalizer, explorer tree, one or two visualisations, playlist and quicksearch toolbar).

Thanks for reading this long post.


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when adding a buttons panel i've found a problem.  context menu commands do not work.  i suspect this is because the act of clicking the button switches focus from whatever was previously selected to the buttons panel.

anybody figure out a way to get around this?  my specific problem:  i've created buttons to search wiki/google etc. for the currently selected artist.  the search is performed using foo_run, and is operating fine when accessed using a right click.


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Can anyone upload the .dll somewhere? It was taken down from the official page