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Foobar2000 official forum created!

HydrogenAudio has the honour to host the official foobar2000 forum.

Foobar2000 (don't let the name distract you :B ) is a new compact, fast developing audio player for Windows 2000/XP developed by zZzZzZz. Foobar2000 has a specific emphasis on audio- and technical quality, not on skinning or visuals.

Visit the new forum, which is led by zZzZzZz, and give feedback.

foobar2000 feature list: (notice: player features constantly updating)

  • supported formats: MP3, Ogg Vorbis, MPC, FLAC, Ogg FLAC, WAV, MOD (needs foo_mod.dll), SPC (needs foo_spc.dll)

  • 32bit floatingpoint audio processing pipeline, with 6dB hard limiter and conversion to 16/24bit (dithered) at the end.

  • lossy formats (MP3, Vorbis, MPC) are decoded directly to 32bit FP so there's no clipping

  • transparent rar/zip reading (slow)

  • full unicode support, new playlist format (m3u8) storing international filenames properly (using UTF-8)

  • runs *only* on win2k/winxp or newer

  • built-in SSRC resampler component (DSP)
Juha Laaksonheimo

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