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iTunes gapless testfiles
iTunes 7.0 (70) gapless test files for this topic on iTunes 7 new gapless features.

AAC files encoded with iTunes 160kbps VBR
MP3 files encoded with iTunes 160kbps VBR (Q=highest, Joint Stereo, Smart Encoding Adjustments, Filter Frequencies Below 10Hz)
MP3 files encoded with LAME 3.97b2 VBR
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There is a hidden message in the song at approximately 4:32. If played at half speed, Waters can be heard to say, "That was pretty avant-garde, wasn't it?"

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iTunes gapless testfiles
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Thank you for these encodings

I couldn't try with iTunes (bug: app doesn't lauch) but with foobar2000 (0.94beta) both series aren't gapless. Compared to faac and Nero Digital AAC Apple is obviously using a different way to store gapless information.

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