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Sources for Alpha builds
Is this the right address to get the sources for alpha7? cvs.sourceforge ... only_with_tag=takehiro-stable-2002_10_15
I'm asking because when compiled it still shows alpha5 but I didn't find anything about alpha7 on cvs.sourceforge. I'm running Linux so I'll have to compile it on my machine in order to help with testing.


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Newest alpha version I could find was 4.0 alpha2 
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Sources for Alpha builds
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no, 3.94alpha7 is in the main branch
4.0alpha2 is experimental

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Sources for Alpha builds
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Thanks, robert. In case anyone else running Linux wants the files try with this command line (CVS must be installed):
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cvs -z3 co  lame

Is there something special we should test with alpha7?