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I have made a plugin that displays the playlist in a single column with "headers", which I find useful for creating a narrower and smaller layout.

This is a beta so user beware. Download

For documentation, please refer to the wiki. (thanks to FofR, and the other contributors).


MS Visual C++ 2005 Runtime Library
GDI+ - only needed for Windows 2000


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Oooo, great idea. =)


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It's good idea... But It doesn't work for me.

Please example code...


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there were supposed to be some defaults loaded, but I guess not. I've edited the first post with what I use.


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It's not working as ever...
Only shows black line(and blue, red)
And edge style is always "none"...
I'm windows 2000. Does it work with only XP?


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did you set the "row height"? maybe restart after that?


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Yes, I changed row height, but result was same. line thickness was changed. Restarting is same too.
Sorry to bother you and my poor English.
And Good luck!


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Try changing the height to 40, and I'm sure something will pop up.

Edit: And for some odd reason, 16 height doesn't work for me. I had to use 18.  Odd


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Oh, thx it works...^^
Then, why edge style is always "none"?


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edge style isn't implemented yet.


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Thanks, I like it. Looks very promising! I also have a feature request: Grouping by multiple fields e.g. first by %artist% and then by %album% which would result in an header for each artist and one for each album.

EDIT: and configurable header height would be great also

EDIT2: Found a bug also:
Shortcuts seem not to work - I have 'P' set as shortcut for Properties when I use it the selection jumps up to the header and that's it. But when I open the properties window manually and close it and then press 'P' instantly it works as expected.


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Great Plugin!
Perfect for my new mini foobar setup


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Perfect for my sidebarconfig! - Thanks. 

((((( Strictly4me )))))


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Some first (negative) impressions:
  • The playlist view only allows a single instance, but uses a popup configuration window.
  • The aforementionted configuration window is modal.
  • Except for the font chooser, the configuration window does not contain any hint about the special functions that are used/required to configure the playlist view.
  • The initial defaults after installing the component come up blank here. Changes in row height in this state only took effect after resizing the playlist view.
  • The component uses its own custom color code format. It is not possible to use the existing color code generation and manipulation functions provided by foobar2000 itself ($rgb, $hsl, $blend).
  • No focus rectangle for the active item. I really don't care, if this can be achieved using some formatting code; I don't want to have to read through the documentation to get something as simple as that.
Don't get me wrong, I really like the idea of being able to group playlist items. I just think that there are currently too many (unnecessary) obstacles for people who just want a grouped playlist view that works out of the box and is easy to configure. The current version is geared too much toward advanced formatting script users. Some good, simple defaults and a way to select a default font and text color without using formatting script could do a lot here.


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Great idea, will try it.

I really like the grouping feature.

foosion, I hava a plugin for 0.8x that I think you did, foo_coruscate.
I really liked that one. Hope to see it for 0.9 some day =)
Windows 10 Pro x64 // foobar2000 1.3.10


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Thanks a lot, really good idea 
that's very promising.

one little suggestion : when we click on an album header , i think it would be better if it could automatically select the whole album instead of only the first track.


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How can I display it? I don't see it anywhere in Columns UI panels.


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I am encountering the same problem with the ctrl+p not bringing up preferences.

How can I display it? I don't see it anywhere in Columns UI panels.

It is under playlist views.

Edit: And that is inside the layout tab under Columns UI.

Are those album headers tracks?


To add to foosions feature requests:

1. Being able to change the selection color.

2. Ability to make basically mini columns for the item and group display. Maybe this is possible, but as of now, I don't know how. If that isn't clear, I mean, basically for each thing (like track number, track name, and track length) to have its own static width. I think this might be possible with some regular code formats that one can use in trackinfo (paddng and cut?), but the ablity to possibly create specific boxes (possibly just like the current columns_ui?) would make setting it up far, far easier.

3. Ability to display album art (or any sort of picture) inside the group/item (mainly group) display.

4. "No focus rectangle for the active item. I really don't care, if this can be achieved using some formatting code; I don't want to have to read through the documentation to get something as simple as that." I would also add the ability to change anything, including font, what is displayed, how it is displayed, the works 

Sorry, I'm sure you are already working on some (as it is still in beta as you mentioned), if not all, of these, but having a list of requested features should be helpful.

Thanks once again!


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Thanks terrestrial, I can see this plugin becoming very popular! I like it a lot!!
we was young an' full of beans


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"No focus rectangle for the active item. I really don't care, if this can be achieved using some formatting code; I don't want to have to read through the documentation to get something as simple as that."

For the ones wishing to achieve this for the time being, till something simplier is put in, just use the following code.

Code: [Select]
$if(%isplaying%,$drawrect(0,0,0,0,brushcolor-113-122-134 pencolor-255-255-255),)

I like the drawrect syntax.
Could use it later (or now, havn't messed with it enough to see) to help display when a song is missing a certain tag field, display hotness, rating, etc.

Edit: Er, maybe a bug. When useing that coding I supplied, it leaves the focus rectangle after the song is done or changed to another. Only way to get rid of it (as far as I can tell) is by selecting and then deselecting it.


Something I whipped up real fast.

Code: [Select]
$if(%isplaying%,$drawrect(6,0,21,0,brushcolor-113-122-134 pencolor-255-255-255),$drawrect(0,0,0,0,brushcolor-null pencolor-null))
$if(%isplaying%,$drawrect(235,0,45,0,brushcolor-113-122-134 pencolor-255-255-255),$drawrect(0,0,0,0,brushcolor-null pencolor-null))

$font(ocr a extended,7,,255-255-255)
$align(left,center)%tracknumber%$align(right,center)$font(dicotmedium,7,,241-241-243)%title%    $pad_right($font(gulimche,6,,241-241-243){$font(ge inspira small caps,7,,241-241-243)%length%$font(gulimche,5,,241-241-243)'}',10)


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i really like this plugin, quick try with it:

alternating colors for rows:

btw i have realized that one can specify glow color, glow intensity etc.

terrestrial, thank you for this! i would like you to solve foosion's remarks, $hsl and colors are essential to me + it would be nice if it could handle selection color in the standard way of many foobar's plugins and places.

  • provide us with some group-related info (summary tags) - like number of group items, group length (time), group size (in bytes), group average bitrate etc. maybe even function to test whether given tag varies among group items (like %artist% - for properly detecting variable artists albums). it could be just few of them, or general functions like $group_sum(tag) and $group_varies(tag).
  • separate height for group display and item display. if it could change the height from the formatting, that would be great (so we could have more detailed group display when there's additional information available and less detailed when not).
  • i'm sure people would like to be able to display album art for example as background under group items or draw rectangle over all of them etc. imho some sort of "group items display" supplementing item and group display would be nice ...
  • vertical padding in $padding has to be negative to pad content from the border into the rectangle. that's not consistent with the horizontal padding and coordinates ...


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terrestrial please listen to foosion, he knows what he is talking about... the more we can integrate the components the better

this is a good component but can get alot better  keep it up