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List of recommended LAME compiles
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Well, 3.95 is faster than 3.90 so that observation is fully correct. Using presets with the 3.90 dll is difficult, you may need a special build for that. Don't really know much about that, but the nice thing with 3.95 is that the presets have been set so that they are used by default. For instance you can access the VBR presets with the -V option. Do a search and you will find the info.

There isn't really any "issues" with using the presets with other versions than 3.90.3. But as far as we know (yet) 3.90.3 is the recommended/best version. If you for some reason need to use another version, the presets are still the way to go.

BTW, have you tried dbpoweramp? It uses the dll and it can access the presets from what I can see. Don't know how it works though.

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List of recommended LAME compiles
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The lame_enc.dll included in the standard 3.90.3 download at Rarewares supports all the usual presets, including the medium presets. The only issue is whether the application that uses the dll also allows use of them.
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List of recommended LAME compiles
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thanks all, Hard Disk Ogg is the only recorder I've found with a good range of presets and the author says it works well with the 3.95.1 dll - on the Pentium 111-600 I use for recording the 3.95.1 dll also uses less than 50% CPU compared to over 80% with 3.90.1 dll with the standard preset (100% with extreme).

So I guess I'll record with 3.95.1 but use the recommended 3.90.3 lame.exe with alt-preset standard for other encoding ... I assume there's no problem putting both the 3.95.1 dll and the 3.90.3 exe together in the system32 directory (hope that's not a dumb question)

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List of recommended LAME compiles
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I'm getting the following error when trying to replaygain:
file info update failure on pipes3951.wav

and similar for all files I'm trying to replaygain

A bit late now, but even if it gives you the error the replay gain is still in effect at least for that foobar session. I can run replay-gain on a cd and then convert it to mp3 and have the replay gain in effect. Obviously it can't update the cd.

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List of recommended LAME compiles
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I would like to ask that the link at the first post in this thread be replaced with this one:

That will help load the balance evenly among RareWares' mirrors.



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List of recommended LAME compiles
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List of recommended LAME compiles
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Given that one of the other sticky threads lists 3.96.1 as recommended for low to mid bitrate VBR, which is important for many people, I fail to understand why this thread has no 3.96.1 compile in the first post.

(And yes, I was too lazy to read the entire discussion, it just makes no sense to me)

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List of recommended LAME compiles
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Encspot says that 3.97 -V0 encoded file has 58% ss (joint stereo) blocks, when the same file, but 3.96 ape encoded, has 73%
3.97 -V2 and -V1 gives only 7%-10% ss blocks on that file (Madonna - Secret).

Is it OK?

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List of recommended LAME compiles
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Yes, if you don't hear any obvious problem with the samples. And i think that ss stands for stereo frames rather than joint stereo, but I believe that should be confirmed by someone else that's more used to encspot than me...

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List of recommended LAME compiles
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joint stereo = ss + ms

actually i cant hear any difference on my PC even between 160 and 192

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List of recommended LAME compiles
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The recommended compile at is currently lame 3.97b2, but the linux compile from the same page identifies itself as lame 3.97b1. Is there any 3.97b2 linux compile available? I didn't find anything on the rarewares page either.