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apev2 allowed characters
Hi, thanks for the post by the way on my previous topic.

different question:  I have a lot of tags in my wavpack files with apev2 tags that have slashes and & signs and also newline characters things formatted like

bob this and that


Is this alright??  i noticed i cannot copy and paste info that has a newline character in it to more than one track at a time with foobar .93 ....


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apev2 allowed characters
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no idea anyone?

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apev2 allowed characters
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Ape allows the cr / newline character (0x0A). Pretty much any character is allowed actually, but how programs deal with it will vary.

Foobar's standard tag editor won't let you do line breaks in any filed except comments and lyrics by default, but you can change that it the advanced preferences. You can add a line break in a masstagger script using $crlf().