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Resizing of foobar window
Hi all,

when I click in the upper left hand corner to reduce my foobar2000 0.9.3. window from full screen to a smaller size the appearance of the different components in the window changes. That means they do not shrink in the same way, for example the track info panel that I set up horizontally on top of the other components disappears. Some become proportinally bigger others smaller. Is there a way to fix the proportions of the components displayed so that the smaller window has the same proportions as the full screen window. I searched foobar and the forum but could not find anything.

Thanks in advance

Resizing of foobar window
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Hi praetorian,

While I know of no simple answer to your question, I know of a few things that affect the appearance of foobar on resize.  Perhaps someone else could elaborate on these...

1. Trackinfo panel.  Under the trackinfo configuration dialog, there's a "minimum height" setting.  This might keep your panel from disappearing as you describe.

2. Preferences > Columns UI > Layout Tab.  Certain elements of your layout can be "locked", which prevents them from resizing (or limits how they resize, I'm not sure) when the foobar window is resized.

3. Preferences > Columns UI > Playlist View > Columns Tab.  Each of your columns has a "width" and "resize" in pixels.  This controls how your columns playlist behaves on a foobar window resize.

Your best bet is to play around with the above until you find some settings that make your foobar behave the way you want it to.  Hope that helps!

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Resizing of foobar window
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You can lock different panels in the Layout editor, if you use Columns UI. Select the panel you want to have fixed and tick Locked.
Sometimes if you use splitters you'll need to lock those instead, try what works by resizing the window until you get it to work.

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