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Using EAC and getting CUE sheets?
Is there anyway to automatically get the cuesheet for a file. Or is the only way to type in all the tracks and the album and all the other information you want. Or is the cuesheet only needed if you are going back to cd someday. Will flacs still get what cd they are from a database like WMP? Basically, I want to know if there is anyhting like WMP for the extraction process into FLAC. You don't have to type in all the information. You can just get it from a database. Then you are set. Thanks a lot.

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Using EAC and getting CUE sheets?
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What you want really has little to do with cuesheets, but more about tagging.

EAC can get album meta data, from the freedb database.  Unfortunately, there are some issues with freedb at the moment; I'm not sure whether these will effect programs like EAC yet or not.

If you stick in a CD, load up EAC, and click the icon that looks like a disc under the drive dropdown at the top, EAC will attempt to retrieve disc information from freedb.  If it doesn't work you may need to set your freedb settings (F12).  If it still doesn't work it may be worth looking at this thread.
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