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How to quote multiple messages
Pio, how do you quote multiple messages? If I use (Quote)xxx(/Quote) I cant fill in the quote's date and author.

I quote the first message (click "quote"). I type some random letters in the windows, then I click "preview post".
Then in the new Window, I edit the text so as to keep just the code for the quote. I select and cut it.
Then I go back to the original thread, and click quote for the other message. I type a carriage return and paste the code previously cut.
Then I click "preview post" and I can edit the two quotes.

If I need a third one, I now cut the code for the two quotes, and go back quoting the third one...

How to quote multiple messages
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Wow! Thats a tough job, but it works!!!! Thanks a lot!

Btw... while playing with quote's cut and paste (using your own message for testing), I was sure there ought to be an easier way to accomplish that... and I guess I find a way. The main problem for me about quoting several messages was the cool "Name @ Date" info that showed up only in the 1st quoted message (the one you clicked the "quote" button.

But one can manually fill this info "hacking" a bit with the QUOTE tag. Here is the syntax:

Code: [Select]

This way its very easy to quote a 2nd message. Browse the "Last 10 Posts" down there until you find the message you want, copy it, click the "Quote" button up there, paste the message. then, manyally edit the quote tag, adding the "=" after the QUOTE and typing (or cut and pasting from the original message) the name of the author of the quote and the date. For the name, i guess its easier to tye. For the date, its easier to copy and paste from the original message header.

Btw, the date can be anything, not only a date! for example:

nice quote you have!

I know this is a cheat, but its surely fast and easy. Maybe this helps promoting the useful QUOTE, that helps our posts getting a lot more organised

Thanks again for the hint, Pio!

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How to quote multiple messages
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Thank YOU for the info MestreLion! (I had that name/date problem too, although I had my own solution, as you can learn from my former posts)
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