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Album headers in playlist

I thought that maybe someone could be interested in this.

Take a look at the pictures.
This is not fake but it is not what it seems to be.

The headers are what i call a "null mp3" that is less than a second long.
I only have to add this file to every albums folder that i want to have a header. Thats all.
Then i can add some info like totaltracks, albumlenght, rating etc...

The advantage is that i dont need to add extra tags to my songs, only to the null mp3 and i can add some extra album info. Also i can make some side by side album comparison.
The disadvantage is that i have to add this mp3 by hand and then all the info.

As requested, here is the null mp3 and my columnui config.
The problem is that i have a very particular way to detect albums. Something like if album a directoryname are equal then it is an album. The albumtag is to detect the null mp3.

I have an autoplaylist for albums (albumtag HAS 1) then i have quick search for the same directory with a hotkey. I select the album press the key and woala!
This is not for the average user. It is only to see how it works.
Excuse my English

Album headers in playlist

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What a really good idea. I may give this a try....

Album headers in playlist

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Is there an automated way of adding these?

Album headers in playlist

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Impressively clever.

Album headers in playlist

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How funny to read this now, in the PanelsUI era =D

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