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allofmp3 ?!
Regards: U.K. music industry to sue

Need some advice, should I stop using allofmp3?
I have used them for about 2-3 months now and spend about $20-$40/week on music on some weeks, other weeks about $5-$10 because i am a big music fan.

I dont want to loose any money or be affected by this. Should I keep using them?

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allofmp3 ?!
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In the link you provide the BPI state that they have no interest in pursuing individuals.  Of course, if the site is taken down you will lose any credit you have with them no doubt.

Do I take it you are in the UK?  If so these articles may be of interest:

British users of Russian music site (AllofMP3) could be sued
British users of Russian music site infringing UK copyright
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