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[seemingly abandonware] iPod manager
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I use method described in post  #3651,  works for me..

hi there

just saw this topic, and i tried finding the post you mention, but i can not. Any chance you can point me in the right direction to the method your talking about? i stupidly upgraded my ipod touch, and i am now stuck with no music



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[seemingly abandonware] iPod manager
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Post is on page 147 but here a resume, Send music to Apple device using Foobar/Foodop, close Foobar then open Itunes go to the music on your device then
selected one of your songs and play it. A quick Synch should occur and your songs should now show up.
Album art doesn't work but can live with that.
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[seemingly abandonware] iPod manager
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Hello All,

I have had a search on the forums... but i couldn;t come up with anything. Probably because the keywords I am using to search, are so generic.

In ITUNES... if i transfer a particular album onto my IPOD, in my Albums list it appears as ONE album, with many tracks.

In FOOBAR, if i transfer the SAME album to my ipod, Foobar SPLITS the album up into the different artists, and i end up with LOADS of copies of the same album.

So... please can anyone advise me on how to get foo_dop to sort my albums by album title... and not take artist into consideration on the album.

I'm relatively certain this has something to do with the metadata / Database mapping... but i am REALLY struggling to get my head around what strings like this:

$if($stricmp($meta(album artist),various artists),1,%ipod_compilation%)

Actually mean. So any help would be dearly appreciated.


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sorry to shamlessly self bump...(not that bumping works on this kind of thread...)...

But i;m really still stuck on how to stop FOOBAR from splitting my Albums with Different artists as separate Albums on my ipod.

Basically... I want my Ipod Nano to group the albums by album title... and ignore the fact that there are different artists.

Help! I hate itunes!

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[seemingly abandonware] iPod manager
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Album Artist and Artist Name are not the same !!!  iPod sorts the albums by the Album Artist, so, if you have a VA album, than you should tag it as it is: in the Album Artist field write "Various Artists", and leave the "Artst Name" as is, different for different song. All this do in Foobar (or other tagging tool) and it should look like this:  (one Various Artists for all the album)

Now simply transfer the album to iPod, and in the iPod search it at "Compilations" or by Album name.

and i have a question: which version of foo-dop (if there is one) supports tracks' ratings, so as to be able to see in Foobar which track from my iPod nano 2G has 1 or 5 stars ???  Is it possible somehow to see this information ?
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[seemingly abandonware] iPod manager
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More importantly, is musicmusic alive? I'd be willing to donate for a new version, but I haven't seen anything from him at all.

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[seemingly abandonware] iPod manager
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More importantly, is musicmusic alive? I'd be willing to donate for a new version, but I haven't seen anything from him at all.

I emailed him a few weeks ago (contact address on his website) and got no response, so I hope he's just caught up with other things!

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[seemingly abandonware] iPod manager
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i also hope that nothing serious happened to musicmusic because he used to show up in this forums regularly.

[seemingly abandonware] iPod manager
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i wrote him too, some days ago.. no reply.

i heard that he used to code foo_dop, but then he took an arrow to the knee

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[seemingly abandonware] iPod manager
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Hi everyone,

Just wanted to note that the method described earlier did work for me with IOS 5.01. (Using the iPhoneCalc.dll file, etc.).

There are a couple of things to note:
In iTunes, go to the Summary page to set the Options for your iPhone/iPod Touch and make sure you check:
"Manually manage music and videos"
Then go to the Music and uncheck:
"Sync Music"

Every time after copying files with Foobar2000, I had to restart iTunes and play a song off the device to get the database rebuilt.

Hopefully this is helpful to someone.

[seemingly abandonware] iPod manager
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I would like to get a probally used Ipod Touch 3rd or 4th generation , for dual usage one to hold my flac converted files to MP3s for playback using line out in truck and just as important to remote control my foobar flac files on my home XP PC.

There seems to be conflicting data , the newest ios 5 will not work with album embedded art ?

However the older versions work fine ?

What versions work ?

While using Ipod as remote viewer will it sync up to the playing Flac files on the PC ?
What is displayed ?

Never owned a Apple product so all new to me , thanks for info from people whom are using in this way.
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[seemingly abandonware] iPod manager
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The Media Monkey team hasn't been able to implement a full featured iOS5 plug-in.
Many developers are with a huge headache trying to circumvent the changes introduced by Apple regarding audio management. We'll have to wait a little bit longer until a working DLL comes out I guess.

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[seemingly abandonware] iPod manager
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Is there any alternative to this plugin?
I tried to manually convert FLAC files to AAC format and then uses Itunes to sync to IPhone, but album covers are also lost during the conversion.
It would be nice to have something similar to this:

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[seemingly abandonware] iPod manager
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Is there any alternative to this plugin?

I've written an alternative that works pretty much the same as the solution you mentioned.
Take a look here
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[seemingly abandonware] iPod manager
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I have been waiting for update of foo-dop for a long time.
It turns out that I have to give up~
musicmusic is a great person.I appreciate what he has done for all of us.
However, he doesn't have responsibility to keep on updating it for free.
I dont like itunes,

For whom are looking for alternative ways to transfer songs to ios5 without itunes, I 'll recommend itools ,which is developed by a Chinese group .
Don't worry about your Chinese Level, they provide English Version here :  ,
Numerous Chinese iphone users  manage their phone with itools.
It works fine for me.
However If you're very sensitive with it, make sure you have anti-virus software installed in your computer.
You use it on your own risk.

[seemingly abandonware] iPod manager
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If the source code is up on his website, why hasn't anyone just pulled the source and worked on it?

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[seemingly abandonware] iPod manager
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Newb here...

On Win 7 running Foobar2000 1.1.11 and foo_dop When trying to sync music with my iPod Nano (6G, the square one), I keep getting in I/O 1005 error.
any ideas what this is about? I'm using iPhoneCalc.dll from


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[seemingly abandonware] iPod manager
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hi, i have one question. is it possible to add artist-art which gets shown in the artist list on my ipod nano 6/7g?
the way i have it set up now it shows one of the album-covers of this artist. i have to option "additionally use foobar2000 built-in artwork reader" checked an in foobar it shows the artist-art.

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[seemingly abandonware] iPod manager
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Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong? I'm trying to add album art to the albums I already have on the ipod. I set the album art folder. All the album arts are correctly found and shown on the ipod playlist. I select all and choose "Update album art". But when the process is finished I can't see the album arts on the ipod.

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[seemingly abandonware] iPod manager
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If the source code is up on his website, why hasn't anyone just pulled the source and worked on it?

Because it's not open source....

[seemingly abandonware] iPod manager
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Any word on whether or not it works in 5.1?

I'm currently using the previously stated method of opening my ipod in itunes and rebuilding it. I'm worried that if i upgrade to 5.1, that even this method wont be possible.

[seemingly abandonware] iPod manager
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I'm wondering does this work with iTunesEncode.exe in addition to Nero AAC? 

iTunes got better results in the listening tests on low bitrates and therefore I'd rather use it to encode those low bit rate files I'm adding to my iPod.

[seemingly abandonware] iPod manager
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I have a verizon iphone 4 and have had limited success with the experimental version of ipod manager. I'm able to copy files to the iphone, but am not able to see them on my phone. Strangely, I can see the music fine within itunes. Any idea what's going on?


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[seemingly abandonware] iPod manager
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I get the following error when I choose "Send to iPod" on my iPod Touch 1st Generation:

"Error writing iTunesDB file : Expected 16 character FireWireGUID. Got: 3F60901FB5F9D2E0FADBFD1296AFC4B97E88FAC0"

I am running Windows 7 Home Edition, along with the latest versions of foo_dop.dll and iPhoneCalc.dll.
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[seemingly abandonware] iPod manager
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The old method of repairing it via itunes after syncing with foo_dop doesn't appear to work in 5.1 for me. Yea I had to find out....

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[seemingly abandonware] iPod manager
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Anyone know of another forum thread that provides any more ongoing info about the prospects of regaining 3rd party access to the iPod database post-IOS 5?  The Media monkey thread hasn't been updated in months, and I haven't been able to find any other product besides iTunes that will work with IOS 5, and iTunes is too tag-ignorant to be useful.  Since this affects so many people it seems to me that it warrants more frequent info updates than once every 6 months.  It's like everyone involved just disappeared off the face of the earth or something.    If it can't be done it would be helpful (and professional) to know that so we can all move on to getting rid of our iPods or capitulate and become slaves to the almighty totalitarian fruit.  Not being a dick, just want some info from somebody who actually knows something, not more "just wait" comments - are we SOL or not?    Any suggestions for an iPod alternative whose hardware is just as sexy and wonderful?