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Ultrasonic youth deterrent?

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Just came across this from a p2pnet story, and wondered if anyone had come across one of these devices? Do they really work as advertised?

I don't know about the "Mosquito effect" but I've read about successful tests in the Netherlands where annoying gathering teenagers have been chased away by playing "old fashioned" music. Apparently the kids find the music so disgusting that they prefer to move on.

Ultrasonic youth deterrent?

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If it works as advertised I think it's a horrible device! Don't we have enough acoustic "pollution" already? Imagine a family with their baby who starts crying every time you pass a certain shop.

The device doesn't distinguish between "bad" or "good" youths. It's just not right to vilify a whole generation. If you don't want them now, maybe in a few years they'll be your best paying customers.

Imagine if there was an "old people" repellant for hip bars that don't want slow, cane-toting, out-of-fashion looking old people around that might lower the appeal of the place for unconventional youngsters.

Ultrasonic youth deterrent?

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Do you really think that regular cell phones can play tones up to 20khz? I seriously doubt it... I think it might be more IMD or some sort of aliasing... It would just not be very loud, so people can't hear it from far away. I'm skeptical.

Ultrasonic youth deterrent?

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I listened to the provided sample and it's a horrible horrible loud sirene; it gives you a serious headake.
I seriously doubt it will find it's way into many shops though as some adults still can hear it; but I dispise the idea behind it  .

Ultrasonic youth deterrent?

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"Ultrasonic youth deterrent?, the mosquito"

That sounds like a pretty good band and album name to me.

Ultrasonic youth deterrent?

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Cool, next there will be something against old people, then something against medium-age people...... and when we're done everyone is "repelling" everyone.

Humans are so much busy with fighting themselves, that forget about those left back as well as those wanting to lead ahead. Imagine a street with a bunch of people stading in the middle and fighting each other - with some wanting to be beaten and others wanting to beat others....... but no one actually caring about going backwards or forwards on the street.

Thats not just a subjective impression of me - i'm actually scientifically investigating that kind of behaviour including various models behind it. Some people call it selfdestructive behaviour, psychology calls it a "sadomasochistic society", i'd call it "planet fight-club". The name actually doesn't matter because its all the same thing - what matters is that its stupid and annoying for anyone who actually wants progress.

- Lyx
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