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UI columns scripting tutorial

Hi everyone.

I now have nearly finished my tutorial for UI columns available here:
  • I have tried to guide everyone to do common things and create something they would like. I'm myself not a crazy nor a good .fcs creator but I think it could help beginners to make their own scripts.
  • Instead of creating a complete .fcs like in Brother's Jhon Tutorial, I rather give some pieces of quite basic code that people can easily use or enhance.
  • Several color schemes are detailed to help people understanding how it works:

  • Basic and complex code are given for color schemes and columns content
  • Main functions are explained with some examples
  • Some .fcs examples are (or will be) given with explanations about their scripts like here:
I really need some feedback (either positive or negative) (If anyone sees grammatical or lexical mistakes, please tell me, I will correct them.)

It is not yet finished (quite a lot of little things to do and understand)

I need people to give some advice about the FAQ especially (but don't hesitate to comment the rest of the tutorial):
If you find questions that should stand there. Don't hesitate to post them.

For questions or comments concerning my manual for 0.9 version, please post here (I also need some feedback there):

This is a new thread as it is not really linked to my manual, and not linked at all to my UI columns questions

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