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Apple Lossless
I am planning on archiving all my music onto my computer as Apple Lossless files because I mainly use iTunes and iPods only. I was doing this so that if a new encoder or lossy file compression comes along that is superior I can just have it encoded from the lossless files instead of putting all the CD's in one at a time and re-tagging/getting album art. Am I correct in believing that if I convert an Apple Lossless file to say, a 192 VBR AAC file I would get the same result as though I converted the file right from the CD? I hope my question is comprehendable. Thanks!

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Apple Lossless
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You are correct, converting to lossy from lossless is the same as ripping to lossy from CD. Lossless = CD.

EDIT: Why is this in Speech Codecs?
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