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LAME 3.92 error message

    Before I upgraded my PC (Windows 2000) from a Duron 700 to an Athlon XP 1700+ (1.47 ghz) I had been using LAME 3.92 in conjunction with the RazorLame frontend with no problems.  However, after I upgraded I receive an error message any time I try to encode. I've re-downloaded and re-installed RazorLame and LAME 3.92 many times every time with the same results.

These are the options I use while encoding:

"-b 256 -m s -h -q 0"

This is the error message I receive when encoding (taken from command line LAME 3.92 EXE):

"ResvSizeInternal buffer inconsistency. flushbits"

It scrolls that on the screen soon after an encode starts.  I get a similar message in RazorLame. 

Now, here is the interesting part.  I'm running a 1.47 ghz cpu and DDR 2100 ram @ 133/133 bus speed when I receive the error.  However, if I clock my bus speed down to 100/100 (running at 1100 mhz then) and boot into Win2k and encode an MP3 I have no problems what-so-ever.  So I can't figure out wtf.  The only thing I can think of is my RAM might be acting up.  I went a little cheap and got Kingston ValueRAM DDR 2100 and I'm thinking that when running at 133 LAME might have problems. 

Also, I've tried the Radium version of the Fraunhoffer codec and MP3 Producer Pro to encode and it has no problems at all while running at 133/133. 

Any help would be great.  Thanks. 


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LAME 3.92 error message
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Hrmm.. I doubt it'd be your ram.  It's more likely CPU instabilities.  These are the type of problems people see all the time when they are overclocking.  Are you sure that you have adequate cooling for your processor?

Btw, try doing a search on LAME and overclocking, you should get a lot of results covering similar problems.
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LAME 3.92 error message
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These are the options I use while encoding:

"-b 256 -m s -h -q 0"

Using -q 0 is not a good idea AFAIK. Apart from that, it overrides -h, which implies -q 2.

You should check the "List of recommended LAME settings" thread. If you want optimal quality at 256kbps, use --alt-preset cbr 256.

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LAME 3.92 error message
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hmm.. at least with monkey's audio problems usually tend to go away as soon as you underclock the fsb and up the cpu clock multiplier so that the cpu runs at full speed..
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LAME 3.92 error message
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i think lame is giving you a warning about bad quality switches :-)

try checking yo ram wthi memetest
and you cpu by running hot cpu

and try using lame.exe --alt-preset cbr 256 for much better quaility or maybe even --alt-preset 256 if you on mind abr
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